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Chanel Necklace, Pendant Jewelry Review: CC Logo, Gold, Chain, Pearl, Sautoir, Choker

Updated on January 9, 2015

Chanel Necklaces

Chanel necklaces present steady, rhythmically arranged jewelry designs that rely on a lot of accents, visual and textural interplay, and often carry a pendant ornament, sometimes quite an elaborate one. Chains comprise a separate category that has grown and evolved with time: once combining a yellow gold strand with a CC logo, today they will include links of various materials (onyx, white and yellow gold), and display a confident visual tempo.

The most surprising quality of many of Chanel necklaces is their seemingly artisan, uncomplicated look – when compared to Cartier and David Yurman, for instance – that upon closer examination reveals a whole series of subtle complexities and details. Ultimately, the first impression arrests with naturalistic spontaneity and artisanship, all consequent effects gradually uncover said fine details.

Chanel Necklace CC Pendant
Chanel Necklace CC Pendant

Pendants will usually focus on a particular collections theme: CC logo, a Camellia bloom described by semi-circles of diamond pave white gold, strands, strands of stars and crescents (Cometes), a gold-ceramic band, and others.

Pearl Necklace

Pearls, white, black, or gray, always played an important part in Chanel jewelry. Their smoothness and soft milky glow (white are the predominant type) allude to the creative richness, and almost nourishing-like interpretations of beauty that Coco and her successors strive to capture.

Pearls act as small accents, as larger beads in sautoir necklaces, or as main components in beaded choker items. Their perfect rounded shape balances any other ornaments descending from the chains, be it camellias or images of stars, becoming a common, unifying element.


Gemstone necklaces often feature a complex pendant ornament constructed of blue stones – aquamarines, turquoise – or red ones – tourmalines, corals, cacholong. These items exhibit geometrical compositions reminiscent of Mondrian abstract paintings, where lines and rectangles overlap and interact, creating a fascinating visual dance.

Coco collection offers clusters and bunches of gemstones that echoes nature's fruits and bounty – a common theme in Chanel jewelry, recent additions realistically recreating entire ear heads in 18K gold.


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