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Chanel Pin, Brooch, Charms Jewelry Review: CC, Vintage, Gold, Diamond, Pearl, Amethyst

Updated on January 9, 2015

Chanel Brooches

Chanel allow shapes and ideas that were rudimentary accents in necklaces and bracelets to take a full-fledged form in the charms, brooches, and pins. In a way, brand designers exploit the inherent flexibility of this type of jewelry (it can be worn on the top dress, attached to other jewelry, or even a handbag), of its unrestricted contours. If you seek to understand what Chanel really want to express behind a certain collection, a brooch or a pin from that line is the piece to look for – there the design principle behind it all will most often blossom to its full potential.

Vintage pins comprise an important segment, about two hundred authentic items being sold daily on eBay; these pieces include classic yellow gold CC logo designs (also common in the earrings and bracelets) performed in a range of styles, but also recent wheat wreath patterns from 2010 lines.

Chanel Jewelry Premier Watch
Chanel Jewelry Premier Watch

Vintage items will often incorporate large stones and pearls – modern jewelry tends towards smaller sizes, which allow more individualistic expression at the expense of natural sheen.


Not unlike some bracelets, gemstone brooches also display a clearly discernible artisan streak. Gemstone pieces, however, tend towards ancient rather than contemporary patterns: a lot of sizable gems, organized in circular, geometric, cross, and other shapes, all resembling somewhat the transmutations of a kaleidoscope.

This type of layout was popular when each stone has has its own name, when mining was not yet technologically possible, and gems had to be found, thus being rare. It's a powerful, part magical part whimsical design with a trace of matured elegance – and it will overshadow some of the classically sleek CC yellow gold diamond pave pins.


Charms provide an interesting aesthetic alternative to established collections by offering flat miniatures that condense the visual qualities of each line into small, complementary, two-dimensional jewelry. Chanel compensate the lack of depth by varying the texture and introducing filigree scroll-work.


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