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Chanel Ring Jewelry Reviews: Camellia, Ultra, Flower, Ceramic

Updated on January 9, 2015

Chanel Rings

Chanel ring department divides into three main jewelry categories: gemstone rings, pearl and diamond pieces, and bands. The first and the second type occasionally overlap: when diamonds combine with other gems, and in other configurations that the brand have invented across the years. Overall this division appears to relish the difficult requirements a detailed, multi-layered design – absorbing them as a “creative problem,” and presenting matching solutions.

Gemstone items emphasize color and compositional invention – they are among the most festive pieces Chanel offer today (and offered in the past in what today considered the vintage selection), featuring colorful blends of semi-precious and precious stones (tourmalines, aquamarines, chalcedonies, amethysts, peridots, sapphires, turquoise, and other materials).

Chanel Gold Diamond Ring
Chanel Gold Diamond Ring

Stylized floral motifs take the center stage in this category, each stone acting as a petal, or other part of a blossom. Vintage jewelry aficionados will recognized subtle Trifari references.

Diamonds and Pearls

Diamond and pearl rings steer away from the abundance and flourish of the colorful gems, presenting a classic, almost minimalistic, elegant design. The economy of detail anticipates the inherent simplicity of the Ultra ceramic bands, and the engagement ring type creations; the direct replication of Camellia flowers, either using filigree goldsmith work, or whole onyx and agate stones, alludes again to the colored pieces.

Cometes and Elements de Chanel collections in particular contribute to this segment.

Gold, Ceramic Bands

Chanel bands reveal that filigree scroll-work – usually resulting in semi-open patterns – is not necessary to create intricate, textural jewelry. Brand designers use the solid golden surface as a decorative space, engraving it with linear ornaments, encrusting it with small diamonds, allowing the eye to wander across the contours. Multi-rowed white gold and ceramic bands, enhanced with baguette or brilliant diamonds, comprise the Ultra collection.


Several Chanel rings exhibit interesting similarities with other fine Jewelry brands, in particular David Yurman: gemstones resemble mosaic rings, while the knotted Elements refer to various cable designs.


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