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Changing Times with Crocs Shoes

Updated on March 9, 2014
Crocs image courtesy of Roland on Creative Commons.
Crocs image courtesy of Roland on Creative Commons.

The Shoes with Holes

You may be familiar with the popular brand of shoes that came out several years back.

These shoes were most famously known for their one-of-a-kind appearance, featuring holes all over the tops of the shoe with a single strap to hold the shoe on.

So have we come a long ways since they first debuted? Keep reading.

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Image by Lizjones112 on Flickr.
Image by Lizjones112 on Flickr.

From the Start

Crocs was initially born in Boulder, Colorado in 2002. Since then, Crocs has sold over 100 million pairs of shoes. Why? I wondered the same thing when they first came out.

A not-so-appealing shoe was at the bottom of my wish list, however if you have ever tried on a pair of Crocs, you know how lightweight and comfortable they actually are.

I was skeptical, but everyone I'd met who owned a pair, had swore by them. These crocs owners seemed to know that they had a good thing going. That was then, so where are we now?

Different Types of Crocs

Active crocs image by Pink Sherbet Photgraphy.
Active crocs image by Pink Sherbet Photgraphy.

Stepping Forward

"Believe it or not Croc shoes are certified by the US Ergonomics council and the American Podiatric Medical Association. So even though some people think that its terrible fashion you can’t argue that they are not good for your feet." Says

And they're onto something. The shoes are designed for minimal maintenance, reducing muscle fatigue, eliminating odor and bacteria, and the soles actually stimulate blood flow as well. You can see the diagram of these different advantages on their website.

Photo credit: Szlea on Flickr
Photo credit: Szlea on Flickr

Where Do We Go From Here

In 2007, Crocs broadened their horizons and started producing different types of shoes. Ones that you might say are "less ugly" for your feet. These shoes reached new territories such as golf shoes and sandals. From here they also starting selling clothing, purses, high heel crocs, croc boots and many other styles as well.

You may also notice that there are even Crocs outlet stores out there now. Crocs aren't typically that expensive to start with, starting at $29.99 for the classic look and ranging upward for the more complex designs.

Sandals however, can be found for around $19.99 and up. Crocs even makes shoes for infants and toddlers now. So if you wanted to send truly unique baby gifts, you could get the new bundle of joy their very first pairs of Crocs.

There are also ways to make your Crocs personalized shoes now. There are all different shapes and sizes of charms that stick right in the small holes. There are even crocs baby bibs now!

Official Crocs Commercial

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    • mulberry1 profile image

      Christine Mulberry 

      9 years ago

      I've never had them on my feet, but now I'm interested. Those wedges even look kind of nice.

    • janices7 profile image

      Janice S 

      9 years ago

      Still not a big fan of crocs on adults (in most situations). If you are a nurse, that is one thing, but when I start seeing them with slacks at church on Sunday morning, I have to go with "absolutely not". That said, I do think they are a great summer footwear choice for little kids because they are easy to wash and to slip on/off. Plus they can be made unique by adding Jibbitz.


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