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Charm your Way with Leopard Print Leggings for Women

Updated on October 4, 2013
This is me wearing leopard print leggings.
This is me wearing leopard print leggings.

Leggings are one of the hottest and most reliable fashion staple because they simply refuse to die. Many women nowadays are often spotted wearing them due to their bold and attention-grabbing fashion statements without looking tacky. It can be worn with almost anything provided that the person wearing them knows how to tone down its wild, busy patterns that should flatter any silhouette. Leopard print leggings is another fantastic way for you to add some faux animal prints to complete your wardrobe ensemble along with the right top and accessories that guarantees approving glances towards your way.

How to Wear Leopard Print Leggings

We all know that fusing striking colors and loud prints has been done before BUT wearing animal prints can be over-the-top already. The idea there is to accentuate your leopard print leggings by taming down the rest of the get-up. Tone it down by putting on non-animal tops and accessories (like bags or shoes) that subdue the prominent colors and patterns. A perfect example for this is to pair off your leopard print leggings with long tank tops to cinch in that casual look.

Get creative and look effortlessly elegant

Most women would rather wear these leggings during their casual days but do you know that you can also create that chic elegance with your leopard print leggings? Yes, you can! Pair up your white top with a black jacket or blazer and it with a towering back pumps. You will surely command some great attention with these!

On large prints

Those with slimmer figure won't really have any issues pulling off large leopard prints; however, curvy women should avoid wearing large animal print leggings and just opt for ankle-length leopard leggings instead. The key there is to really "own" this look and feel comfortable in it.

A friendly reminder
A friendly reminder

Complement with earth tones

Wearing any tops with earth tones such as white, brown, black and bronze goes well with your leopard print leggings. The key there is to tone down by not adding too much exaggerated colors and highlight the drama to your leggings.

You can wear leopard print leggings in so many ways

Watch this video blog from one of my favorite fashion vlogger, BeautyCrush for some styling tips on how to wear one of the hottest trends to ever grace the fashion world.

The right accessories

Remember to go easy on your accessories because you don't want to end up looking like a jungle. Make sure it doesn't clash with the leopard print leggings and should blend well. Less is more. Your bags or purses may look simple but still eye-catching if you pair it right.

Do you like wearing leopard print leggings? Let me know by commenting below :D

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