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Cheap Fashion Can be So Timeless

Updated on October 19, 2012

It isn't difficult to be fashionable on very little money. There are just a few things that you need to keep in mind though. Once you get the hang of it, cheap fashion becomes as easy to pull off as it becomes hard for anyone to detect it.

Have you ever noticed that women who wear dresses to work always look totally sharp? Dresses are affordable. They are cheap fashion. And yet, they can be astonishingly beautiful, and feminine too. In a time when femininity in women's fashion seems to have given way to practicality and convenience, wearing dresses just jolts people into seeing what they're missing. It's a great way to look expensive – to do something different this beautiful and surprising.

You can certainly understand why dresses are beautiful, you're saying. Why are they supposed to be cheaper though?

Well, they are cheaper for one very important reason – a dress is a complete outfit. When you wear regular clothes – slacks or a skirt, a top and a jacket, there's so much more stuff that you need to buy. You could even go up to the higher end of the mid range and you could still get more done if you went with dresses. A single-piece outfit tends to be cheap in other ways, too. Let's say that you need to pack for a trip. Single-piece outfits are going to be a lot easier to pack.

Pencil skirts are another wonderfully feminine choice. And they can be an excellent idea for cheap fashion. If you're building a great wardrobe of classic items just to be able to dress beautifully and cheaply, your pencil skirts should go right alongside of your blazers, sweaters and jackets. There's an even better reason why you should go with pencil skirts – they've been in fashion for more than a half-century. There is no way that they going out of style ever.

Now there's no reason to want to go with high-fashion designer shoes just to look wonderful and in command. A well-made pair of black pumps are always going to stay in style. You can keep a pair apart for important interviews and meetings. You'd feel so much in command this way.

Women should own black suits, too. They are a classic thing to wear, and they are always going to be there for you – no matter what kind of event you need a dress for. If it's important – from a meeting, to a wedding, to a funeral – a black suit is always going to be in style. It always makes sense to go with timeless designs. You never have to throw anything out this way.


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