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Cheap Spectacles

Updated on September 2, 2010

Buying cheap spectacles can seem like a good bargain, but at the end of the day are you willing to give up quality for a low cost product. Spectacles can come in many different sizes and shapes of which you can purchase, spectacles are optical lenses that are custom fitted into a frame which extends out towards the ear. The lens itself is made of solid material, which is either glass or plastic or even synthetic, it's main purpose is to bend or refract light. If you are looking to buy cheap spectacles than you may not get the quality as if you were to buy them at a reasonable price, but doing a good search online you can come across quality products at a cheap price.

Things To Consider

If you do decide to buy them cheap than you need to consider a few things if they going to pass the test, try and have them checked by a reputed dealer if possible, they will tell you weather or not the spectacles will maintain their condition and longevity. Have them checked by your local doctor to get a second opinion, look for any flaws in the lenses itself such as striations, slight pits in the glass, and look at the edge finish and check that it is mounted correctly in the frame. There are unfortunately many spectacles that are of poor quality that make their way onto the market and sale for bargain prices in my opinion they should be taken off the market unless they pass a certain quality test.. As a consumer it is very hard to detect these types of flaws in the specs , but if you know what to look for in terms of defects you will be better off.or just go to a professional optomitrist to get them checked.

Specify The Right Lenses

Your spectacles are customized for your specific needs, they are merely a device that refracts the light rays to a level in which the eyes can have adequate vision. This is the sole purpose of these lenses to adjust the level of sight back to it's full potential. So be sure to specify the right lenses for your individual needs, or advice from a optometrist , which could cost a little extra, but being sure you pick the right one's is essential otherwise it can cost you.

There are many online wholesale stores selling cheap spectacles, but it is to your honest opinion and self evaluation to make sure that you choose the right one's. Just do a Google search for cheap spectacles and Google will give you the top ten results out of millions of other websites, it is in those top ten first results that are usually legit sites otherwise the big G wouldn't have them show on the first page. So just start from the top, and check each website on your chosen topic, in this case, “cheap spectacles” or to make it even clearer for Google type in “cheap spectacles wholesale”and work from there.


If you are unsure you can always take the name of the website site and do a check online to see if it has a reputable background. Just goggle rip off dot com” or “scam dot com” are websites to find out from hundreds of others who have dealt with the same wholesale site , and have given their many opinions, this can give you a look into how others may have purchased the same product, and know the quality of the spectacles. So if you are thinking of getting cheap spectacles at a wholesale price make sure that everything meets your requirements, otherwise it may be safer to get professional advice from your local optometrist, if you are willing to spend a little extra. But to be fair about this whole thing the word CHEAP doesn't ring quality in most peoples ears so unless you are on a budget and can't afford to buy a good set of spectacles than do good online research or check in your local area


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