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Cheap affordable clothing brand

Updated on August 5, 2013

In 2004, Cheap Monday began in Stockholm producing its tight denim selection with the skull logo. The entire idea behind the line was to offer fashion at a reasonable price that competes with higher end brands in fashion, attitude and quality.


Cheap Monday is a Swedish clothing line. It was founded by Orjan Andersson and Adam Friberg in 2000. It was originally a second-hand clothing store that was located in a suburb of Stockholm. The clothes started selling immediately after launching the clothing line. The name of the brand, Cheap Monday originated from the fact that the first store Weekday was only open on Sundays and no other days of the week. The brand is highly known for their idiosyncratic design. They also expanded their line to include sneakers, flannel, and tees. The creative mind behind all of this is Ann-Sofie Back.

From day one, Weekday carried high-fashion and exclusive denim jeans mixed well with thrift shop clothing – a great blend that attracted young, trendy, fashionable consumers.

Orjan seen that some of the denim line that was sold at the shop was quite expensive and he saw there was a need for more affordable, yet still fashionable jeans. This is when Cheap Monday style ‘Tight’; was born, at first this style could only be bought in-store only. It was an unwashed, extremely tight fitted denim jean for an affordable price. Of course, by nature, it was an immediate success and sold over 800 pairs within the first couple of weeks.

In early 2005, Cheap Monday was rapidly developing into a brand with a wider selection and the distribution was expanding to more stores throughout Sweden and even out of the country.

From the first delivery of jeans back in 2004, the production has reached a whole new level when it comes to distributing. As of today, Cheap Monday carries men and women collections. They come in all seasons. Their collections consist of baby, accessories, glasses, underwear, and even shoes.

2008 and 2009 were a great years for the Cheap Monday brand. They joined arm forces with the popular brand H&M and also opened up a brand spanking new store in Copenhagen.

Cheap Monday did not go with the traditional marketing for their brand, but decided to go with a very profitable idea on how to present the brand. You can now find Cheap Monday in more than 35 countries with more than 1800 stores worldwide.

Where you can purchase them?

Cheap Monday clothes can be purchased throughout a number of stores worldwide. You can find them at Urban Outfitters and Barneys New York. The clothing line is extremely popular in Melbourne, Australia. Cheap Monday is highly recognized by their skull logo with an inverted crucifix.

Despite their rapid growth their original idea still lives: to offer their customer clothing that competes with higher end a brand that shows attitudes, fashion, and quality at an affordable price. If one is looking for high quality clothes at an affordable price Cheap Monday is the brand for you.


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