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Cheap and Easy Hair Removal For Your Eyebrows, Face and Legs With Threading

Updated on June 13, 2012

It can get rather expensive to go for regular hair removal sessions at your salon and for those of us whose genetics "bless" us with faster regrowth rate, it can be a frustrating burden emotionally and financially.

There are several methods to go about removing these fuzz and threading is one of them. I have tried shaving, waxing and threading and epilating. Each has their pros and cons but when you are in a pinch and need an affordable, effective method of hair removal, I would recommend threading. Here's why:

It's affordable: Basically all you need is a cotton thread and this is almost found in every household.

Finer Regrowth: Unlike shaving, threading removes hair via the root so you won't be experiencing those uncomfortable pricking sensation when the hair resurfaces.

No sticky residue: I find it troublesome to deal with wax at times as they often leaves some sort of sticky residue that can be pretty hard to get rid of. I don't face this problem with threading.

Is threading painful?

If you can put up with waxing, you can tolerate threading. Personally, the only area I find painful to thread is my upper lip area. Other than that, it doesn't hurt when I do it on my legs or cheeks. You might feel some sting but you will get used to it after a while. Applying aloe vera gel after threading will definitely calm down your skin.

You can thread your eyebrows, upper lip hair and facial hair on your own . It's quite easy actually:

Step 1: Take a piece of cotton string and cut it off at the length of your forearm.

Step 2: Tie a knot with both ends of the string to form a loop.

Step 3: Hold the loop taut with the first four fingers of both hands.

Step 4: Twist the string six times by rotating either your left or right hand. This is what it looks like afterwards.

Step 5: Practise the action of threading by stretching your thumb and index finger on one side at any given point of time. If you stretch your left thumb and index finger, the twist in the middle will move towards the right and vice versa. It takes time to get the hang of it so don't worry if you don't feel at ease with the motion. You might want to try this on your thighs or on a friend to see if you can remove hair effectively.

Step 6:

Remove the hair in the opposite direction of its growth. Position the thread such that the hair is near the centre twist


1) Sometimes, it can get a bit painful for your fingers after threading for some time. I have found that wearing elastic rubber gloves eliminates the problem without affecting the deftness of my hands. It's up to you to experiment with varying thickness of the thread. When I first started threading on my own, I had to use gloves but since then, I no longer have the need for them by using the right thread and getting used to the motion.

2) Before you start to thread your face, you might want to apply some baby powder on your face to create a smoother surface. This can help to ease the threading process and reduce the pain factor.

Threading hairs on the cheeks:

Progress in a systematic manner and repositioning your thread a little higher each time (Imagine you are removing rows of hair each time.)

Threading Upper Lip:

I am not going to sugar coat my words but this is probably going to be painful. It helps to push your tongue and prop up the upper lip area where you are going to thread so that the skin is kept taut. This makes it more bearable and easier to thread the hairs.

Threading Eyebrows:

Be careful about approaching this area, you wouldn't want accidents in this region ! If you need to shape your eyebrow and it's too much of a challenge, you can get a beautician to shape it for you and maintain it by removing the stray hairs.

Threading Your Legs:

I use a slightly different threading method. It gets a bit counter productive and tiring if I use the above method. So what I do is that instead of cutting the thread I will just use it directly from the spool.

Step 1: Hang the thread over your neck and tie a knot.

Step 2: With the long tail on your right side, grab hold of the thread with your left hand. Then, position your right hand lower than your left hand and grab hold of the string.

Step 3: Move your right hand and cross the thread over on top. You are forming an hourglass shape.

Step 4: Twist the string six times by rotating your left hand.

With this method, you will remove hair by stretching your left thumb and index finger. Your right hand will hold on to the long tail of the thread.

You may have to adjust the number of twists such that it will remove the hair more effectively. Take note that hair grows in various directions and you may have to adjust your threading angle accordingly.

Here's a video to help you understand better:

What thread to use?

Do not use a thread that is too thick or too thin. Cotton thread works the best. I have tried polyester thread and it tends to cut into the skin a bit more easily and is less tensile. However, with normal hand stitching cotton thread, it tends to break easily unlike thread that are specially made for threading. They are more elastic and less prone to breakage.

Eyebrow Threading Thread Vanity Box of 10
Eyebrow Threading Thread Vanity Box of 10

I am using this thread. Loving it :)



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    • profile image

      Johne215 2 years ago

      Thanks again for the blog post.Thanks Again. Cool. dkfdgcggeecb

    • profile image

      #swag 3 years ago

      Hey Alexa chung where do you thread your face is it in honolulu ?I want to know because threading a some stores are expensive and I thing $15 is cheap! Please answer back or else you are a bitch sorry I am 11!

    • profile image

      Fabz 3 years ago

      Hey! I use this threading method but I've heard that threading upper lips causes darkness/dark skin on the upper lip area! Is it true?

      Please do answer I need your help

    • Alexa Chung profile image

      Alexa Chung 5 years ago

      Thank you! This is a wonderful community:)

      I used to think threading was painful too until I went to the salon to try it myself. It doesn't really hurt much except for the upper lip. Furthermore, with threading I don't have to worry about inflammation and raw skin after waxing! It costs me 15 bucks to thread my entire face and eyebrows and having to do it every 3-4 weeks is not exactly a cheap option. I finally decided to learn threading by watching videos and self experimentation and I have never looked back :)

    • glassvisage profile image

      glassvisage 5 years ago from Northern California

      This is interesting from the perspective of the "threader". I've heard my friends mention that they thought it was painful to have this done, but it seems to work for many people. Thanks for sharing these pros and cons. Welcome to HubPages!