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Hair care tips

Updated on April 10, 2011

How to keep your hair healthy

Our hair mirrors the general state of body health. Do you know that your hair's health depends on foods you eat. There are also some foods you can apply directly to your hair to give it vitality and normal shininess.

This is a list of some foods that are good for you hair's health:

1. Sardines and salmon are great sources of omega-3 fatty acids.

2. Spinach is important for lubricating your hair's follicles.

3. All types of beans are high in protein and great for your hair growth.

4. Carrots are a good source of vitamin A which keeps your hair smooth and shiny.

You also need to select a good shampoo that suits your hair type

You can choose a shampoo of pH 5. Some cosmetic treatment may be able to improve the physical appearance of hair but injures the hair-forming organ lying beneath the surface of your scalp. Good conditionersare good for hair maintainance too.

When you buy a shampoo or a conditioner, you must read the ingredients.  The scalp should be softened by the use of a mild shampoo of a pH 5 "the normal acidity of the scalp".

What if your hair is dry?

Many factors lead to hair dryness. It might be genetics or harsh conditions such as excessive using of hair dryer, exposing to the sun for a long time or bad weather. You need to apply some foods directly to your hair. Of these foods:

  • Canola Oil which penetrates your scalp and adds moisture and that gives your hair luster.  Massage your scalp in circular motion. Leave it on your hair night long and wash it in the morning.
  • Honey helps locking the moisture into your follicle. Warm honey in a hot water bath. Divide your hair and apply honey as you're massaging to all you scalp. Cover your hair with a wet warm towel for 30 minutes. wash your hair. This helps damaged hair to retain its natural luster.
  • Avocado is full of essential unsaturated oils that leaves your hair strong and healthy, vinegar works to add more shine to your hair. Smash avocado very well and mix it with vinegar.Add 1 tsp of vinegar to each avocado. Apply to your scalp and hair. Cover your hair with a wet warm towel for 30 minutes. wash your hair thoroughly with a suitable shampoo for dry hair.

If you have greasy hair

Greasy, oily hair that look dull and lifeless is a problem faced by women. It's hard to control and style greasy hair, excess of sebum lends a waxy ugly look to the hair. Apart from an overproduction of sebum, hormonal problems, perspiration, environmental toxins, smoke and smog can all share in producing the greasy appearance of the hair.

Most of us try to disguise the oily scalp and greasy hair with bandannas, headbands and scarves, but is there a way to deal with greasy hair?

Greasy Hair Care
- When washing your hair make sure that you use small quantities of well-diluted shampoo for oily hair. It is best to wash your hair as quickly as you can after applying shampoo.

-Try using a mild shampoo and wash it less, so that the natural oil balance of the hair shaft is restored. Conditioner can be applied to the tips of hair.

- An old remedy might cure oily scalp problems which is talcum powder. All youneed to do is sprinkling talcum powder onto the scalp. That helps soaking the excess oil of the scalp and restoring the oil balance. Sprinkle talc or baby powder and leave it on the scalp for a few minutes before brushing with a wide toothed comb or brush.

You can Create your very own homemade greasy hair shampoos

1 tsp of aloe vera gel

1 tbsp of lemon juice

4 tbsp of your regular shampoo

Blend all ingredients and wash your hair with it. Massage it gently onto the scalp and then rinse off with warm water.

Or buy an organic shampoo for oily hair

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    • amahubber profile image

      amahubber 6 years ago from Egypt

      This is really amazing to know how usefull food is to our hair, thanks for the recipes too.Sure I voted voted it up, welldone!

    • kafsoa profile image

      kafsoa 6 years ago

      Yes, we are. Granny used to tell me Taro soften skin's body "to make me eat it" We really need to see what we eat. We must look for good recipes to cook this stuff even if we don't like it that much :)

    • Cameron Dean profile image

      Cameron Dean 6 years ago from New York

      We are what we eat, so I think eating the types of food described in this article are the best way to go about healthy hair.