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Best fashion stores to shop for cheap / reasonable / fashionable clothing

Updated on February 20, 2012

Many women shop for cheap fashion because of the current economic situation. Not a lot of people are willing or can afford to spend the big bucks on name brand clothing. Money are going to necessities such as rent, food and school. However, women still love fashion and can shop everyday if we have no worries about money. Here is a list of all the retailers that offer fashion at a discounted price. I am also giving you opinions about the quality and quantity of clothes offered at each retailer.

Forever 21 – massive chain retailer and leading fast fashion retailer in the United States. In most shopping malls, you can find either a small or massive Forever 21. If you like to shop around a lot and change your style frequently, Forever 21 is for you. Here is the reason, they have lots of choices for low prices. Expect to find every trend, accessories, shoes and everything else that you can think of. The sale items are extremely cheap. For those that don't shop too much, you can find great deals on basics in Forever 21 store or online.

Charlotte Russe – More or less the same as Forever 21 but with less selection.

H & M – Huge fast fashion retailer that offers fashion for less. You can expect to find clothes for the whole family. Their fashion is a little bit more on the conservative side with some items that are more fashionable.

Zara – Huge fast fashion Spanish retailer. Lots of selections and you can expect new stuff every time you visit. Priced very reasonably. Turn around time for clothes is very fast. What you see this time you will definitely not see it next time you visit.

Old Navy – Great basic stuff for a very reasonable price. Clothing on sale are unbelievably cheap. This store is great for those that are average weight or a little bit on the heavier side. Their sizing seems to be a little bit bigger than other stores.

Urban Outfitters (sales items) – Urban Outfitters regular priced items are not cheap. However, you can find some pretty sweet deals when things go on sale. A lot of times, some items are almost 70% off from the original price. Personally, I love Urban Outfitters fashion more than everything else listed here. Their clothes are considered by many to be trendy fashion with an edge. This is highly recommend for teenagers all the way up to early thirties.

Hollister (sale items) – Hollister is not cheap. However, the sale items are at a very low price. Most of the time, you can find items on sale for half of the original price. Their clothes are good for girls on the skinnier side. If you are very skinny and have trouble finding pants that fit, you should give Hollister a try. (online store) – Gojane offers lots of contemporary fashion for less. The shipping is very fast. But they don't have a huge selection like Forever 21, H & M or Zara.


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    • Holly OBrien profile image

      Holly OBrien 5 years ago from Chicago, Illinois

      Good list! Ever heard of Akira? It's only in Chicago (and one in Indiana, I think), but you can shop online, too. It's kinda like BCBG meets Mink Pink, but the price points are more within reach for us working gals. If you're ever in the Windy City, you should check it out!