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Where To Find The Cheapest Vibram Five Fingers Shoes Online

Updated on July 8, 2013

Cheapest Vibram Five Finger Shoes

Before we talk about finding the cheapest Vibram Five Finger shoes, let me share my personal experience about my discovery and joining the "barefoot revolution".

Vibram Five Fingers help get you high.

Seriously. You don’t believe me? Then work your way into a pair and go for a hefty jaunt.

I am a big fan of running. There are health benefits aplenty, everyone knows that. That isn’t what draws me in the most though. It’s the exhilaration from nearing the exhaustion point. I am not one for drugs so that exhilaration is the closest I get to being high. I am sure many of my fellow runners out there can relate. I hate it though when that nirvana is sullied by shin splints or otherwise aching legs. More often than not this is caused by poor support of the foot and leg muscles. It’s not lack of support necessarily; it is the quality of support.

The human body is designed to properly and adequately support its own weight and the feet are contoured naturally to help ensure this. Many argue that barefoot is the best way to run. I am most certainly a supporter of this argument. What turns me (and countless others I’m sure) off from running barefoot is, well- who really wants a shard of glass or a hypodermic in the sole of their foot.

Vibram Five Fingers are the solution to this problem. They provide your feet with sufficient protection from such threats while maintaining the natural contours and systems of support your body is equipped with. They do take some getting used to the first time you put them on. They seem a little tight and might even feel constrictive around the toes but this goes away after the first couple of times of wearing them. I love my Vibram Five Fingers. The freedom they allow is wonderful. I can go on long trail jogs without having to worry about dirtying up my $140 Nike cross trainers. Their versatility is unparalleled. In one running session you can go from the piney forest to the sandy beach to the city pavement.

Now you can join the "barefoot revolution" and find your perfect Vibram five fingers. Some of the cheapest are listed on Ebay and Amazon. I quickly became addicted and now both my oldest son and husband own a pair of Vibram five fingers shoes.

Vibram Five Finger Shoes For Running

There is more than one choice for Vibram Five Finger Shoes for running:

  • Classic
  • Sprint
  • KSO
  • Flow

As I said before, we are all aware of the benefits of running but now there is new scientific research that supports "barefoot running". This type of training not only strengthens muscles in the feet and legs but also leads to better form and more resistance to injury. Common sense tells us actually running barefoot opens up the door to all sorts of obstacles and elements causing injury. But...running in the Vibram Five Fingers shoes gives you all of the benefits yet minimizes risk of injury.

Red Five Finger shoes By Vibram

Popular Red Five Finger shoe style
Popular Red Five Finger shoe style

My Red Vibram Five Finger Shoes

My first pair of Vibram Five Finger Shoes were the Sprint's in bright RED! I was somehow drawn to this color. I am not sure why, my husband thinks its because it makes me think of fast cars (maybe). All I know is they are so lightweight, yet so very durable at the same time. I admit, I felt pretty silly the first time I put them on and not to mention my youngest son (7yrs old) laughing his head off the first time he saw me wear them. Not to worry though, no matter what your favorite color or design may be, you will soon get past the laughing, once you feel how comfortable Red Vibram Five Finger shoes truly are ( it's okay if red is not your favorite color).

Black Five Finger Shoe

Popular Black Five finger shoe
Popular Black Five finger shoe

Black Five Finger Shoes By Vibram

After seeing how much more invigorated I felt after running in my five finger shoes, my husband was easy to convince he needed a pair as well. Of course he did not want to be a copy cat and get "Red" and he wanted a style that was as versatile as the Sprint but after looking around he went with the Black KSO Five Finger shoes by Vibram.

The first time he put them on, he did say they felt a little funny but after the first couple of times running in them, he swears he would never go back. As a matter of fact, let me share some short exercises recommended by Vibram when you first get your shoes:

  • First they suggest walking on carpet barefooted just to get your muscles and feet a chance to get used to the sensation of being barefoot.
  • Next you are supposed to put your shoes flat on the floor
  • Hold by the tab on the heel, inserting your foot and lining up your toes with the right toe pockets
  • Then before pulling the shoe up on your heel, slide each toe into the correct pocket (much like putting on gloves but for your feet)
  • Now you can pull up that heel tab, attach straps or elastic so it fits.

Now you have officialy joined the "barefoot reveloution" whether it be Red, Black, Green or any other color combination, there will be no denying the sensation or freedom you feel with your Vibram Five finger Shoes.

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    • profile image

      martellawintek 4 years ago

      long time no see matt i shouldnt give it out but i think this is the web address

      and details , they have 20% discount now, mention martellas recommened yous

    • profile image

      martinabanaford 5 years ago

      you ok tommy if you are still in need of them this is the web address

      and some info , they have a wealth of knowledge ,just say banafords recommened you

    • MyMastiffPuppies profile image

      MyMastiffPuppies 6 years ago

      They are really surprising! When I first saw them I thought they were a joke but once you start running in them, you realize that is just not the case.

      My oldest son swears by them, he runs more than I do and is about ready for his second pair.