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Checkered Jacket

Updated on October 2, 2010

Shopping for a Checkered Jacket?

A checkered jacket can be a great item to own, but finding one is not always so easy. This is especially difficult if you have a particular checkered jacket style in mind that you are looking for.

A checkered jacket is a great jacket to own, because the checkered print is such a classic design. It will be a jacket that you can keep for a long time and continue to wear, as long as you remain the same size too.

The best place to shop for a checkered jacket is online at sites like and eBay.. Not only will it be the easiest way to shop, but it is also going to yield you the greatest selection of checkered jackets to choose from and save you the most money in the long run. You may even be able to find a very stylish designer checkered jacket if you look hard enough.

Wide Variety of Checkered Jackets

A checkered jacket is one of the most classic jackets you will ever own. This is why when you shop for your jacket, you should opt for styles that are classically tailored in shades of classic colors such as black and white.

Gingham is a type of checkered pattern in which there are alternating vertical and horizontal lines of white and a medium tone of a certain color. Where the colored stripe overlaps, a darker, purer version of the color is seen. It is often a smaller checkered pattern.

Sometimes there are checkered jackets that almost look like plaids, but still remain labeled as a checkered coat. These types are most commonly found in beautiful designer checkered jackets.

Sure, there are fun checkered jackets that are loud and fantastic made from brightly colored leather, but there are also the type of checkered jackets that are reminiscent of movie stars from the early and mid-nineteenth century - classic and elegant - for men and women.

If you want to buy a racing fan a jacket, then go for a fun, racing leather jacket with arm detail or a racing jacket with their favorite driver's number on it. For everyone else, opt for a simple and sophisticated design if you want a coat you will keep forever and will never go out of style.

For women, opt for form-hugging checkered jackets that tie or dart in at the waist in any length. You can go single or double breasted, long or short, depending on your tastes. Longer coats that hit at or below the hip will survive the years more. Opt for wool or other luxurious fabric blends that will be durable enough to last through the years will enjoy wearing your checkered coat. For the most timeless color, definitely stick to a black and white checkered jacket.

For men, opt for a nicely fitting below the hip pea coat checkered coat style if you want something classic.

Checkered Jacket

Checkered Jacket
Checkered Jacket


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