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Cheetah Nail Art Tutorial

Updated on November 13, 2013

Cheetah Print - Great for Winter Nails

Winter fashion and animal print go hand in hand. One thing we know for sure about animal prints is that they never go out of style, at least not when worn correctly. What better way to show off a fresh pedicure than with the season's hottest trend? Try this tutorial for diy cheetah print nail art.

Step 1, a good base coat
Step 1, a good base coat | Source

Step 1

Winter is synonymous with rich tones so for the base coat I chose a true red. This particular color is called Stiletto Red by Rimmel London Lasting Finish Pro. Be sure to apply two coats so that your base color covers your nail evenly and completely. You could substitute the red for another color of your choosing but since it is winter I wanted something bold and nothing is bolder than red.

Step 2 - apply first element of animal print
Step 2 - apply first element of animal print | Source

Step 2

After your base color has dried you can begin apply your second color which will be used for the center and mail color of the cheetah print. For this I chose Copper Penny by Revlon Metallic. I chose this color mostly because it has a golden hue and it is semi-glittery. The majority of the time cheetah print is tan and black so I thought using this gold shimmer color would be a fun way to dress up the animal print.

I decided to do the print only on my big toes but you could do it on all of your toes if you felt like investing the time. I decided to do two fairly large speckles on each toe so I dabbed on the copper penny color making sure that my speckles weren't circles. I wanted an irregular shape to mimic the actual animal print. I applied this color fairly thick so there was no need for a second coat. Just be sure your base color doesn't show through. If it does, add a second coat.

Step 3 - finish out the animal pattern
Step 3 - finish out the animal pattern | Source

Step 3

After the copper penny color was dry I added in the last element of the animal print. I chose Hot Black To Go by Rimmel 60 Seconds. To get the desired effect, I added black along the outer edges of my gold speckles making sure that the spots maintained their irregular shape. I didn't want to end up with black and gold circles. For some of the spots I added black on top of the gold in the center and on one of the toes I used a black dot by itself. Again, any of these colors could be substituted with colors of your choosing but I felt that black, gold, and red created a great combination and were appropriate for a winter pedicure.

After the black polish is dry add a clear coat for added shine and protection. I use Sally Hansen Diamond Strength.

Try a More Advanced Nail Design

Winter Design

If you like a more intricate and complex design, check out the video to the right. This design has a winter theme and would be fun for a holiday party or event. You could change the color scheme in this design as well.

Holiday Nail Art

Painting your fingers or toes can be fun and festive and also a way to express yourself. If you really get into the seasons try a design that reflects the nearest upcoming holiday. It's almost Thanksgiving so you could try this turkey design.

For Christmas, try a cute Santa themed nail or maybe a snow flake design. Valentine's Day calls for hearts or cupids. Bunnies for Easter, shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day. Stars and stripes for the 4th - possibilities are endless.

Additional Nail Art Ideas

If cutesy designs aren't your style go with something simple but elegant. Choose two colors that represent the holiday or season and do stripes or dots or even different colored tips. Try adding colored glitter, shimmer, or crackle for something festive yet subtle. Use nail decal stickers or jewels for added flair.

Change It Up

If you find a design you really like, shake it up by changing the color scheme. Use multiple designs for different holidays or seasons by using colors that represent the holiday you're celebrating or the event you're attending. Represent yourself in color and design!

What's Your Style?

Which nail art design is your style?

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Top Polish Brands

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Pro
CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss
Maybelline New York Color Show


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