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All About the Chenille Dress

Updated on March 21, 2011

Who Wears a Chenille Dress

A chenille dress can be worn by a diverse group of woman, though the most common group is infant girls. Chenille dresses make for the perfect little dress for a little girl who is celebrating her birthday or are attending a formal event.

Chenille is most commonly used as a yarn and is knit into blankets, bedding, rugs, and much more. Chenille was first introduced to the world during the 1920's in France. Chenille has the ability to be embroidered on, which is nice.

The most popular color of a chenille dress is pink. Most likely because it is meant most often for infant girls. Infant chenille dresses also often come with flowers or animal designs added to the dress. They are also easily personalized if you know someone who is good at making clothing.

Chenille dresses are also an outfit made for dolls. The ability of chenille to be knit makes it a popular choice of material for doll clothing makers.

Chenille Dresses are Not Just for Infants

While a chenille dress might be the most popular with the infant age group, it can also be worn by any aged woman.

Chenille dresses are often worn by bridesmaids. Bridesmaids wearing matching chenille dresses can make quite the impression at a wedding while not pulling the eye from the beauty of the bride.

For the creative people out there it is possible to make your own chenille dress. I have even seen people take an old blanket made from chenille and turn that into a dress. You can also go the old fashion way and use chenille yarn to knit a dress to your liking.

For a great place to shop for a chenille dress I suggest shopping or eBay.

chenille dress
chenille dress


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