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Chin acne causes and treatment

Updated on December 28, 2013
What's causing your chin acne?
What's causing your chin acne? | Source

Chin acne can be caused by a number of things, but the majority of these come down to two specifics; hormones and diet. Our face is a blueprint for what’s going on with our insides – so knowing what area corresponds to what organ can help us to clear up our acne by getting to the root of the problem.

Chin acne, for me, has always been the biggest problem, right through my teenage years and into adulthood, it is the most common area to be affected by acne. It’s also more prone to acne scarring too which can take years to fade – and even then some of the damage can be permanent.

Foods high in fats and oils can cause chin acne breakouts!
Foods high in fats and oils can cause chin acne breakouts! | Source

What causes chin acne?

The centre area of your chin, according to Chinese face-mapping, is linked directly to your small intestine, the organ initially responsible for the digestion and absorption of food. So of course, this means acne in this area is predominantly caused by your diet. The presence of toxins in your system, or eating foods that your intestines find hard to digest is most likely to cause a breakout on your chin. Eating foods that are high in fats and oils, for example processed foods and fast food are not easy for your intestines to digest, and do you really want to think about your body absorbing all of those nasty toxins, additive, preservatives and fats? No wonder our body tries to expel them through our skin!

Chin acne is most common in women, as the side areas of the chin are linked to our hormones. This means that during your menstrual cycle you are more likely to experience acne breakouts on your chin. During your teenage years when you are going through puberty, both boys and girls will find they suffer in this area more so than the rest of their face – and I can attest to that fact! But it is women who most commonly suffer from acne on their chins. Pregnancy is also likely to bring about a flare up – it’s all related to those hormones of ours going up and down all over the place. We are also more likely to break out in this area when are bodies are experiencing stress too.

Acne is generally caused by the sebaceous glands producing too much oil which clogs the pores on our face. As well as this oil, our pores are also trapping in all of the dirt, grime and pollution we have encountered during our day to day lives. This oil, also known as sebum, almost acts like glue in drawing all of those impurities together, thus creating pimples.

We can’t avoid all of this dirt and grime but we can take some measures in preventing just how much we transfer personally. Our chin tends to be the most touched area on our face so of course we can expect it to be the most likely to break out for this very reason!

  • Stop touching your face! Not as easy as it sounds but it’s something we need to master. Sitting with our chin in our hands might be comfortable but it’s transferring all of the dirt and dead skin cells from our finger tips right onto our face where they’re mingling with everything else. Think of how many different things your hands touch throughout the day; other people, door and drawer handles, rails on public transport, money etc, each new thing is transferring new bacteria onto your hands – you really don’t want them sitting on your face!
  • Wipe down your phone handset and mobile phone with an antibacterial wipe at least once a week – especially if you’re in an office where you share a phone! Spittle and germs from other people will be transferred from the handset to your skin – it doesn't bare thinking about!
  • Change your pillowcase at least weekly! When you sleep your skin uses this time to shed and regenerate, ridding it self of dead skin cells. These rest wherever they land – so from your face they will land on your pillowcase which your face then lays on night after night, and each night collecting more and more. Your body is trying to rid itself of these skin cells, not recollect them! So change your pillowcase at least once a week and try sleeping on your back, so your not squishing your face into the pillow.

Drink water to flush toxins form your body for clearer skin!
Drink water to flush toxins form your body for clearer skin! | Source

How to treat chin acne


You can start by detoxing your system. There are many great, safe detoxes out there so pick one that is cleansing and will flush the toxins from your system. Once your feeling squeaky clean on the inside it’s time to keep it that way. Cut out fizzy drinks and replace them with copious amounts of water and green tea. This will help keep the toxins flushed out of your system and water is proven to help the intestines absorb.

Up your intake of fruits and veggies, and replace white bread and pasta with whole grains. High fibre and low in sugar. Avoid processed foods and takeaways and try not to eat too many rich foods. If you eat anything with oils or sauces be sure to wipe your chin afterwards to stop any of the grease clogging your pores. It’s also worth keeping a food diary and logging when you breakout – it could be you have an intolerance, for example to dairy. Food intolerance cause havoc on our intestines so it’s best to determine what foods specifically cause you to breakout and avoid them.


Steam your face once a week to open the pores and release the dirt clogged up inside them. Also look into clay masks if you have oily skin – they help draw out the impurities and tighten up the pores, making it harder for future dirt and grime to get in.

Anti-inflammatory treatments will help reduce the redness around the area causing the acne to look less severe too. You can use topical treatments, over the counter creams or go organic, using natural honey or crushed aspirin mixed with a little water.

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