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China Glaze nail polish

Updated on May 30, 2012

Learn more about China Glaze nail polish

China Glaze has started to receive a lot of popularity in the last time due to the fact that this brand always brings to the market new and interesting nail polishes. Each of the collections is different than the others, offering women the chance of achieving original and interesting manicures.

You can get your own China Glaze nail polish after you have picked out your favorite one. To do so, you can simply visit the official website and browse through the various series available. Electropop is one of the collection which is based on feminine an attractive colors such as light blue, dark blue, turquoise, bright red, bright pink, light purple, dark purple or a mix between white and a few dots consisting in bits of pink and green hues.

If you prefer a China Glaze nail polish that belongs to the Capitol Colours palette, you are surely going to achieve nails that easily stand out in the crowd. For example, the nail polish liquid consists in various glitter pieces that come under orange or red hues. No matter which of the nail varnishes you will prefer, you are certainly going to benefit from a very elegant and stylish manicure.

Question about China Glaze

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China Glaze nail polish

Facts about China Glaze nail polish

An interesting fact about the China Glaze nail polish is the fact that this brand also provides you with a very original technique of creating patterns which is called swirl. This technique is entirely described on the webpage. First of all, you will need a bowl in which you are going to mix the nail polishes.

Afterwards, you will place a small quantity of China Glaze nail polish in the center of the bowl and continue to do with other nail varnishes by adding the other quantities inside the previous one. This is going to create a very interesting and cool pattern that you are certainly going to enjoy. You should also know that you can’t use this technique with other nail varnishes because it was especially developed for the China Glaze nail polish.

As you can see, China Glaze nail polish is much more than a way of achieving manicures but also a method in which you can use your creativity and basically turn your nails into original and unique patterns that nobody else has tried out. This is why you should have a look at the China Glaze website and decide on the nail polish that you like the most out of the many collections available.

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China Glaze nail polish collection

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    • pvednik profile image

      pvednik 5 years ago

      Good business for ladies.

    • LusUfo profile image

      LusUfo 5 years ago

      i definitely love blue color nail polish :)

    • profile image

      Jack Liang 5 years ago

      ok,sound very good.I am in China now,someone who need one,i can bring it to them

    • Emeraldgreen21 profile image

      Atell Rohlandt 5 years ago from South Africa

      The swirl technique you refer to in the article, could it be a water-marble technique? If so, then other polishes can be used. I've done it myself with really good results using a variety of nail polishes. The only types that don't seem to work are quick-drying polishes or really thick polish.