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How to Choose a Woman’s Silk Scarf or Shawl

Updated on August 25, 2015

Women from around the globe have worn silk scarves and shawls for centuries. They have done and continue to do so for several reasons: versatility, practicality, style, economy. If you want to select one for its greatest year-round appeal, how do you do so? When purchasing your next silk shawl or scarf, keep in mind these easy little tips.

1. Select quality fabric

Remember when you choose the fabric the quality of the material will affect the drape and hang of the material. Be sure to go for the best – to produce the best effect - 100% pure silk

2. Select unique designs

No one wants to appear a clone. No one wants to show up anywhere and see the exact same outfit, design or pattern. This happens far too easily if you purchase a mass-produced or even designer silk scarf or shawl. They come off the assembly line in the thousands. There are also the numerous knock-offs available. If you choose to buy a handmade silk scarf or shawl, you avoid this. Each one features a completely unique pattern. As a result, you avoid any embarrassing moments on a regular day or at that very special occasion or high-profile affair.

3. Select quality craftsmanship

Quality tells. No matter what the product, it soon becomes obvious if it is truly of superior craftsmanship. The poorer workmanship found in mass-produced items is obvious. On the other hand, the care and skill that goes into the creation of hand painted and hand dyed scarves and shawls reflects the tried-and-trued techniques of centuries. The skill of the craftsperson and artists is undoubtedly the result of the painstaking work of applying wax to the silk fabric and creating the outer borders – the foundation of the work. The exacting painting by hand results in the stunning array of shades setting apart these wonderful accessories from the mundane.

4. Select environmentally friendly products

It is too easy to accept the notion we cannot do anything to effect positively the environment. We can show our commitment when we decide to purchase something that is environmentally friendly. Apply your environmental smarts every time you shop. Acrylic and nylon fabrics are derived from fossil fuels. Silk is not. Silk fabric is a green product in comparison because it is extremely biodegradable and does not rely on the oil industry to manufacture it. Not only is silk a green, renewable alternative, the techniques of the manufacturing process do not entail polluting the atmosphere. If you are worried about the environment, the choice is obvious – 100% silk scarves and shawls.

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by Julie-Ann Amos, professional writer, and owner of international writing agency

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      7 years ago

      Very informative. The quality of the silk is very very important. And the pattern is a great opportunity to express yourself! Thanks for the article!


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