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Choose the Best Boot Laces for Your Beloved Boots

Updated on September 17, 2017
Boot Laces
Boot Laces

Boot laces are important part of your comfortability

Boots are the favorite shoe types of a lot of people and for everyone, choosing the right boot laces is a sure and bothering dilemma. While bootlaces don’t seem to be an informed choice because many people mistake bootlaces as just a lace that keeps their boots strapped, the wrong boot lace can place you in many unusual conditions. Getting uncomfortable while hiking and getting stranded due to torn low-cost laces are two of them.

Now, you won’t need to worry much. Mercury + Maia has come up with innovative work boot laces that not only make any boot look cool, but also adds a charm in wearing boots. Here are some notable attributes of the shoe laces produced by Mercury + Maia.

1. Eight Lengths Available: The sturdy hiking laces are offered in 8 lengths: 32", 36", 40", 45" 60", 63", and 72" inches. So, you can rest assured, whatever the requirement of your specific boot type, you will never left in the sea when you go searching for the bootlaces.

2. Money back if unsatisfied: Mercury + Maia is so confident of the looks and quality of the stylish bootlaces that it offers a 100% refund if you don’t like them. So, you have nothing to lose even if you buy the wrong work boot laces in the most wrong time.

3. Stylish to the end of each side: The boot laces are probably the best-looking option for your hiking boots. Designed in Brooklyn, NY and made completely in the USA, the company claims that these hiking boot laces are 100% awesome.

4. Works with almost all types of Boots: If it’s a boot, the laces will fit in it. Therefore, there is no need to worry thinking whether the work boot laces will be a perfect match with your out of ordinary boot.

5. Lace it and forget it: There is no need to take extra care. Just let it go through all wear and tear. Even if it goes through high heat and chemical locations, it won’t wear out. Just try it if you want to let your work boot laces shine for a long time to come.


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