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Hair Extensions

Updated on August 24, 2017

Hair Extensions

Most girls want their hair to grow super long, have luxurious, full, gorgeous hair. To get that hair is a lot of hard work, especially if you have been growing it out for a while then when you go to your hair dresser for a trim, they end up cutting off an inch or two. Or some of us, just cant get it that long, it either bothers them or their hair has a lot of damage on it therefore it needs to be cut off. Well no matter the reason for not being able to grow your hair long, or you just want fuller hair, one method is to get hair extensions. Now there are different kinds of hair extensions, and you must look carefully into it to see which one you want since hair extensions aren’t very cheap. Although they aren’t cheap, sometimes they are reusable, for example clip in hair extensions.

First you would want to know if you are going to get real human hair for your extensions, real hair (maybe animal hair), or synthetic hair. Each one of these has its own benefit and has its cons as well. For example, using synthetic hair it will be for sure the least expensive hair extension. But the downfall is that it is heavier, therefore it doesn’t bounce like real hair does. Real hair is better and looks more real, it has a little bit more of a bounce to it, and it is a bit more expensive. Now real human hair is going to be the most expensive one, since usually they only get to make these when people donate their hair or sell their hair. With the real hair, it will definitely have a nice flow to it and bounce when you walk, and it will feel a lot softer as well as if it is your own hair.



Next you will need to figure out your desire length, the longer the hair the more expensive it is going to be. Usually the longest is 20 inches but if you are willing to put the money in you will be able to find longer hair extensions. If you are going to hair extensions, you may not want them that long, but it is easier to get it a bit longer because you can always cut it to a style you like which would be easier then getting extensions too short and having to get a new set of longer ones.

After you have decided what kind of extensions you want and you have picked out a length that is right for you, you will then have to decide on what kind of hair extensions you will want to get. First off there are permanent and clip in hair extensions. Permanent hair extensions don’t stay in your hair forever, they are just put into your hair and you will not be able to remove them unless you get them professionally removed or they grow out.

Permanent vs. Clip ins

Usually with permanent hair extensions, they are professionally put in, with that said it will obviously cost more money since someone is putting it into your hair. When do you get permanent hair extensions, you have two choices, you can get extensions that are piece by piece and each piece is glued into a strand of your hair. Or you can get a whole row of hair and that can be weaved into or sewed into your hair. If you do get permanent hair extensions, this is somewhat damaging for your hair, if you treat yoru hair right and follow the directions given to you by the professional hair dresser you shouldn’t have much problems with it. But again, you will be to get it removed by a professional, another thing this usually lasts about anywhere from 2 weeks – 2 months it is not guaranteed how much it can stay in your hair for, again it depends on you and how you take care of this hair.

If you decide that permanent hair extensions aren’t right for you, you can get clip in hair extensions. This is an easier way, and bit more affordable way to lengthen and volumnize your hair. A good thing about getting clip in hair extensions is that it is easier to change your hair style and easier to maintain, and it will definitely last longer since you are not sleeping with it and not washing your hair with it on. Most clip in hair extensions can last from 8 months and more. Also, it is not damaging on your hair since you are just clipping hair into your hair.

It is really up to the individual what kind of hair extensions they want to get since there are so many different hair extension solutions out there. But if you want longer fuller hair, hair extension is worth looking into and possibly finding the right solution for your hair needs


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