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Choosing the Right Blush for Your Complexion

Updated on April 17, 2019
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Find A Perfect Blush That Will Give That Perfect Flush To Your Cheeks

There are so many options in cosmetic blushers to choose from, power, cream, baked. There are blushers that meant to highlight the cheekbones or add a sun-kissed bronze tone, as well as the traditional powdered blusher which is meant to offer a bit of natural flush to the apple of one's cheeks.

The beauty of a bit of blush at the cheeks whether it be powder, cream or bronzer is that the little flush from blush can provide a healthy fresh look to the complexion while also emphasizing the cheekbone.

Finding The Right Color Blush You Need To Find Your Skins Undertones

There are several ways to find the right blush tone for your complexion. One method look at your inner fingertips. You can discover your complexion undertones just by having a look at your inner fingertips and your wrists.

Check your inner fingertips and veins on the inside of your wrist. Are they blue or purple? If so, you have cool complexion undertone. If your veins show a greenish tinge, then your complexion has a warm undertone. If you can’t tell what tone your veins are, you have a neutral undertone.

Choosing A Blusher By Using Your Complexion Undertones

We all have complexion undertones. Yes, no matter your complexion tone you also have undertones that should be considered when choosing a suitable blush tone. Undertones can be broken down into two categories, warn, and cool. Rule of thumb indicates cool undertones work well with blushes that have red undertones. Cool undertones work well with blushes that have blue undertones.

So, how do you determine your perfect undertone? Once again have a good long look at your wrist. Are you seeing a green tinge to your veins or are your veins blue? If you are seeing green your undertones are warm if blue you have cool complexion undertones.

Another good way of determining what your complexion undertones are, think about what tone do you choose in your jewelry. Do you love gold or are you a silver girl? Gold has warm tones, silver is the coolest in color...

Complexion Tones

Fair Tone Skin - If your complexion is fair you will want a soft subtle tone to give only a hint of color to your cheek. The best colors for a fair complexion are peach, light pinks or soft true corals. Another tip, try a cream or tinted cream blush, they tent to settle more naturally.

Medium Tone Skin - Women with medium tone skin fair best with true pinks, and blushes with orange undertones. By adding a blush color with deeper tones it will put emphasis and better definition to your cheekbones. As a rule powder blushes tend to give a deeper tone, and definition to area applied than cream blushers.

Dark Tone Skin - If you have a deep dark warm tone complexion try a blush that has tones of brown or even rust. These tones work to give you a defined cheekbone and further the warm tones of your skin. Lighter colors often can make a dark tones skin look washed out. The darker colors will illuminate your face.

How To Apply Blush

You have selected a perfect blush for your complexion as well as skin undertones, now it's time to learn how to apply blush so it whispers not screams.

First, you need to find the area that blushes are supposed to emphasize. Time to put on a big smile, and find the apple of your cheeks. The apple of your cheeks is the area where your cheek pop, protrude. Time to apply your blush. If you have selected a powder blush. add a small amount of blush to your blusher cosmetic brush, apply with a gentle hand starting at the middle of your cheek working outward in a gentle circular motion. Do not extend any further than the outer corners of your eye or where you lose the protruding area of your cheekbone.

To apply a cream blush using your pointer finger, add a dab of cream blush to your fingertip, start at the middle of your cheekbone and very lightly began in a circular motion to blend the cream out over your cheekbone, making sure the color becomes lighter as you circle the lower areas of your cheek. Again do not apply past your outer eye or past the outline of the protrusion of your cheek.

5 Drugstore Blushes That Beat High-End

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    • savvydating profile image


      7 months ago

      Hi Sharlee.....I am currently using Bobbie Brown's "Sand Pink" blush. Honestly, I don't know whether it is warm or cool. According to your article, I should pay attention to warm. So, I plan to research whether my complexion might be better served by a warm tone blush.....which I may or may not have. That's how clueless I am about blush (but I do use a very pretty Highlighting Powder called "Pink Glow" which I love, love, love! (It is also by Bobbie Brown)

      But, luckily for me, I do know other significant things that women need to know. ;)

      Anyway, you've provided interesting information here. I am interested to learn more about specific matters pertaining to complexion. Thank you for the tips!


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