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The Sexiest Garter Belt For Your Shape

Updated on February 2, 2011

Most women don’t own a garter belt. Not a real one. Some have garters attached to other forms of lingerie, such as corsets and bustiers, but few have a proper garter belt. It’s really a shame, because they’re very sexy and they can look good on almost any body type.

That said, it’s very important you choose a garter belt that suits your shape. This isn’t like ordering a one size fits all bodystocking, or purchasing a corset that will give you a waist if you don’t already have one.

Garter belts can be very, very unforgiving, and can make even the hottest fashion model look a bit funny-shaped. The trick is working with your hips and not against them. The following tips should help you do that.


Stretch Lace: Yes. This is pretty much guaranteed to look hot on any figure, as long as it fits properly. Besides, it's usually gorgeous.

Stretch Satin: Yes. This is the stuff you could imagine Brigitte Bardot wearing. Again, just make sure it fits properly.

Stretch Jersey: No; unless you're using it for practical purposes and don't have the specific intention of turning a man on.

Leather: No, unless you're a fetishist. They just don't look right otherwise.

PVC: Probably not. Yes, it sounds sexy and looks sexy on some people. The average person, myself included, is not one of them.

Waist Coverage

This is the most important part. Don’t buy something simply because you like the look of it on the model, or because you like the material; that won’t do you any good if the belt sits in the wrong place.

  • Width: It must be wide enough that it doesn't cause an indentation in your waist or outer thigh. Otherwise, it wil make you look like you've gained a few pounds since you bought it, and that's never a sexy look.

  • Low-Rise: Yes – just make sure it’s not lower than the trim of your panties waist.

  • Mid Rise: Yes, as long as it still sits below your navel.

  • High-rise: No, not even if you’re Madonna. These sometimes look retro cool, but they never look truly sexy.

Panty placement

  • Panties should not be sitting higher than the garter belt.
  • Panties shouldn’t be sitting further down your thigh than the garter belt. In other words, old-school French knickers probably won’t look good with a garter belt.
  • It’s ok if there is a gap between the top of your panties and the top of your garter belt; in fact, it’s usually pretty sexy.
  • It’s ok for panties to be completely covered by the garter belt – many retro styles do this.

Thigh coverage

None: These garter belts usually stop at the top of the thigh and that’s it. This look is fine, but if you have large thighs, you may want to try something else. Not because this style is bad, but because you’ll probably feel more confident in something else.

An inch or two of coverage: This looks good on most women, but you had better make sure there is some serious flexibility in the material, or it will ride up every single time you move – which makes you look like you’ve put weight on since buying it.

Almost a skirt: Some garter belts are more or less a skirt. These can be gorgeous, and they are easy to have them sit where you want them. Just don’t get one that’s too long – cos, well, that would be a skirt.

Accents, Etc.

Boning: This can look really, really hot. Just make sure it doesn’t get in the way of moving about. You don’t want to jab yourself in the gut when sitting down. And you especially don’t want your sexy stuffs getting in the way of sexy stuff, if you know what I’m saying.

Ribbons and Bows: Sometimes these look sexy, sometimes they look like the designer may have been a dirty old man. Most of us can figure out which category a garter belt will fall under, just make sure you figure it out before you buy.

Two-toned Lace: This stuff is always gorgeous, especially the Leavers lace. Go for it, every time.

Ruffles: 80% of the time, these don’t work. But, when they do, it’s quite sexy and ultra feminine. It looks particularly good on the thigh coverage – but I’d avoid anything with it around the waist.

Vertical Stripes: These look hot, especially when done like the photo up there. The contrasting sheen is fantastically sexy.

Lace Tutu Trim: I don’t know what else to call this, but it’s not something you want to have on your garter. It’s pretty much what it sounds like – a skirt-like trim at the bottom of the belt, which resembles a tutu.

Matching Panties: Most of the really hot garters come with matching panties. Unless they're really spectacular, it's not necessary to use them. What's important is you wear something you like seeing your butt in. Seriously, otherwise it's no fun. It doesn't have to be the same color, but it should match well, and should be the same material.

Stockings: You will, of course, need a pair of thigh high stockings to go with the garter belt. Make sure the material is a suitable match, and pick a sexy color. It doesn't have to be the same color, you can always pick one of the accentuating colors and match the stockings to them.


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