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Choosing a Unique Ring

Updated on September 25, 2013

Buying a unique ring is a very noteworthy occasion. The meaning behind buying such a ring will vary from person to person. Not any ring will do, and taking the time to customize a unique ring will take patience and care. In most cases a lot of feeling will be involved, and years later your special ring will hold sentimental value. Being practical while also being distinctive may take quite a bit of forethought. It would be incisive to invest so much time and money into an object, only to realize years later that the value and emotion was an enervated venture.

A circle symbolizes infinity and everlasting life. The idea behind a ring whether for oneself, friend, relative or marriage partner represents our innate feeling of goodwill and unconditional love, whether platonic or conjugal. A unique ring is all the more saccharine. Rings have continued to be the most traditional form of signifying commitment. When looking for a unique ring or for something a bit different there are a few significant features to keep in mind.

Be Practical

While it may seem a bit tedious, selecting a ring that is unique should also be practical if it will be worn consistently and possibly for the rest of your life. Exceptionally large or grotesque rings might seem to be wonderful, but is it practical for what you have in mind? If the ring is for everyday wear you may want to have second thoughts. If the ring is only for special occasions then the novelty of it will never wear off. For example a wedding ring will go through a couple’s many life changes. From being free at the beginning of a marriage through having children, raising them, becoming grandparents and anything else that you will endure with many happy years of matrimony. If the ring is unique but practical it will impart many years of wear.

Wear Resistant

If the ring is to be worn constantly it needs to have a good resistance to everyday wearing. To be fervent enough against bumps and daily knocks that happen as a course of daily life the right metal is vital. Platinum and silver are traditional selections. Puzzle Rings in stainless steel and tungsten provide a good option.

Choosing A Gemstone For Your Unique Ring

Placing a gemstone in your uniquely designed ring will open up the flood gates of very unusual and individual ideas. Every gemstone is naturally shaped and special. Gemstones can also be cut in unusual shapes to reflect their distinctiveness. Remember that when selecting a gemstone for your ring, pick a setting that is even to the ring. This way the ring won’t get caught on clothing or other objects. Puzzle Rings would be no problem in this area. They have a special appearance because of their twisted shape, and a gemstone, such as a rare paraiba tourmaline, would just be an added attraction.

Purchasing A Unique Ring

Buying a special ring can be an arduous task. You may know what you want but you will find a lot of jewelers cater to more traditional designs. So this means that they may not have an exorbitant amount of unusual rings and designs for you to choose from. Independent jewelers are highly recommended as they will have a broader range of unique designs. This is because they are more likely to produce one of a kind items.

You want your ring to be one in a million, not one OF a million.
You want your ring to be one in a million, not one OF a million.

Suggestions For Buying Unique Rings

1. Consider designing your own ring. This will ensure that you have a unique ring, and more than likely no one else will have anything similar. Most jewelers will be more than pleased to work with you to create your own designs.

2. Visit independent artist who design rings and other jewelry. It is probable that they will have a good selection of special pieces and will accommodate you in customizing your ring.

3. Investigate what the internet has to offer. You can easily search over the world which may help you to explore with additional unique ideas. Its never been so easy to be inspired by what the celebrities are wearing, all the way through to the latest jewelry designer trends.

4. Engraving is always a way to make your ring unique. Putting your personal stamp on your ring will guarantee a truly unique piece of jewelry that will last forever.


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