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Choosing the Best Home Eyebrow Wax

Updated on March 30, 2013

Using an eyebrow wax product at home is easier than many realise. Whilst it's great to have it done by the experts ... there's nothing quite like mastering the technique and enjoying a cheap eyebrow waxing sessions at home - or with your girlfriends. It's part of what helps us to have the perfect eyebrows, along with eyebrow gel, pencils and other eyebrow makeup.

How to wax your eyebrows: Pin your hair out of the way - trim any excess length off your brows. Assuming you are confident about your eyebrow shape, apply the wax in the direction of natural growth. Then apply the waxing strip in the same manner, leaving a little excess for you to grip.

Press firmly along the strip twice - then stretch your skin with one hand, and rapidly pull off the strip with the other, using a firm, fast horizontal technique ... do NOT pull upwards! And that's it, done. Repeat the steps to achieve your desired look. Below are the five best eyebrow waxing kits - any of which will help you achieve the perfect eyebrows!

Sally Hansen Eyebrow, Face & Lip Wax

This is one of the best eyebrow wax kits on the market. Simple, effective and gets the job done. It's also good for any facial hair and a good choice due to the simple, clear instructions and easy-to-use products included in the pack.

It's a good pick for those that like to attend to their eyebrows between salon appointments, as some will find that their brows need a bit more attention than others might.

You won't need a wax warming product either - the wax can be warmed (as per instructions) in the microwave. A good home eyebrow waxing kit - great price too.

Gigi Combo #3 With Economy Warmer - Facial Wax - Muslin Strips And Spatulas

This is a great eyebrow wax kit that's perfect for those that don't bother with salon visits and are pretty confident with performing their own eyebrow shaping and waxing. The warmer will warm up any form of wax - and it does come with a pot facial wax included with the price.

You also get a starter pack of strips and applicators and of course it's all made easier due to the warmer. It heats the wax perfectly, it's a breeze to use and it is equal to the type of quality you'd find in the hands of a professional beauty therapist.

If you want to save yourself the money and wax your own eyebrows and facial hair - this is a good choice and the price is right.

Ardell Brow Shapers Cold Wax Strips

This is one of the best eyebrow wax kits for good reason - the kit includes eyebrow shapes, which allow you to create the perfect eyebrows time and again. They're a cold-wax product - no having to heat up the wax prior to use and they're relatively pain free.

A good tip to use when waxing eyebrows is that it's always best to shape your brows after bathing or a shower as the pores are more open and it's a little less painful all round.

That's a sensible time to use this kit and the brow shapes are so easy to use - simply position the arch of the shapes exactly as you'd like your brows to appear - then rapidly remove it, job done. Incredibly cheap - well worth giving a try.

Parissa Strip Free Hot Wax

This eyebrow wax kit is rated due to the fact that it catches every hair that you place the warmed wax over. No matter how fine or thick the hair - it comes off when you remove the wax. Now - this isn't for everyone, as you don't use a muslim strip to remove the wax.

It's almost a salon quality wax - whereby the wax is heated, placed where needed, allowed to slightly cool/solidify then you remove it. It's not the most painfree method as you can't rip it off quite the same as you can with a strip but still - it does work. Best tried out on a larger area until you get the hang of it as wax can and will burn/cause a mess if you get it wrong. Cheap, effective - good product.

Surgi-wax Assorted Maple Honey Wax Strips For Face Upper Lip, Chin & Cheek

This best selling eyebrow wax kit has mixed reviews - it's a love it or hate it kind of product. For those that dislike it - the problems all stem from claims that the wax doesn't remove any/enough/all hair.

As I haven't seen them use it - the biggest factor that products such as this don't work (and are then subsequently ripped to shreds) is the technique of the user. Not in every case but in more than most. Of those that do like it they found what I did - it works.

The kit includes cold-wax strips and a soothing after-treatment, which feels lovely right after you've removed a few stubborn hairs! One box should last for many an eyebrow shaping session and overall - good quality product, easy to use and affordable.

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