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Choosing the Best Teeth Whitener

Updated on October 25, 2014

Do it yourself, but do it right!

You don't need a dental degree to get teeth whitening done. Now it has moved from the professional’s office to the home. Simply drop by the local grocery store and pick up a box of what’s needed to get the job done.

Having the capability to take care of it at a portion of the dentist charges and in the comfort of home is irresistible. Are all teeth whitening products the same? Which one is best? Valid questions to solve before starting the process.

A beautiful smile is what everyone wants

Smiling is contagious and rightly so. Having a beautiful one is important to a healthy self image.
Smiling is contagious and rightly so. Having a beautiful one is important to a healthy self image. | Source

Check out this great kit for whitening with lots of extras

Great health includes healthy teeth and gums

Keeping healthy teeth and gums is part of taking care of your overall health.
Keeping healthy teeth and gums is part of taking care of your overall health. | Source

Not all whiteners are created equal. Find out what to look for before investing

Keeping teeth looking gorgeous is a seriously hard job. Visits to the dentist, flossing and brushing are all part of the routine to retain pearly whites. This is especially true for drinkers, smokers, coffee and pop abusers. Even genetics play a role in how teeth look. Along with tools like regular cleanings, brushing and flossing for a great smile incorporate teeth whitening kits to make those pearly whites shine.

This is an article outlining information about teeth whiteners on the market and what to look for before buying one. Not all are created equally. Simply walking into the store and picking any one off the shelf is not a good move. Do research and gain a little knowledge before deciding which one works best. Every whitener is unique just like every smile. Remember this is a smile which is irreplaceable. Once teeth are gone they are lost forever. Keep them looking great for as long as possible with a little help.


Quality is extremely important in any product. How it performs against rivals in the marketplace is key. Generally a great commercial doesn’t always tell the best accomplishments of a teeth whitening product. One great idea is searching for testimonials. Great packaging is nice, but doesn't always tell the whole story of how great or bad a product really is.

There are tons of sites where items or services are evaluated and feedback given from actual customers. Avoid looking at the products own website testimonials unless they allow reviews from real users. Countless are great reviews, but not from real customers.

Read the small print on the item. A great one is safe for the gums, tooth enamel and every other part of the mouth. What are the warnings? Warnings or possible side effects are just as important as how good it works. Imagine having extremely white teeth, but bloody and painful gums?

Simply getting the latest one to hit the market is not a good idea either. Go with a product which is safe and gets results. This is never a wrong move.


Kits have all sorts of various ingredients. Some have strips, others polish while a few have trays. Teeth whitening pens have hit the shelves and more concepts are on the way. Along with the actual whitening instrument lots of kits have extras like gum. Determine what teeth specifically need and make certain the teeth whitening kit contents meet it.

Find one with everything needed to make it work in your favor for your specific needs and time investment. Are the extras worth the additional costs? If you need to buy a new kit every couple of months, is it worth it? Is it affordable overall? How these are answered helps to find the right tools for the job.


The process needed to get the results usually requires a significant time investment. It is essential the method used to whiten is one which is followed diligently to receive the best results.

The damage didn’t occur overnight and the solution will not either. This means sticking with the whitening method is critical to get the outcome expected. For some it also means changing daily habits to retain the results.

Make certain the method chosen matches your schedule and availability. Are you able to follow the directions or is there a clash with other commitments or lifestyle. For an example, is overnight use of a tray or four hours of wear time a day for strips doable? For some individuals the process is the deciding factor above the cost.

In conclusion

Getting the pearly whites shining again is a great concept. The need to have them looking their best is appealing and attractive for everyone. The most expensive doesn't always mean the best for everyone searching for a way to have their white smile back. The same is said for the cheapest being the best way to go. Research and compare the things discussed here to get the best one for you.

Receiving the comment of how beautiful a smile you have is a warm feeling that never goes away. Losing that look, but being able to solve the problem is priceless.

Children like white teeth as well. There are preventions and tools in place to keep their smile looking good

For children there are other tools to assure your teeth stay white longer.

Dentist are able to apply sealants and other products in their office during regular visits which help keep the stains away.

Anyone wearing braces should always make certain they follow the orthodontist instructions for keeping them clean and free of debris. When removed lots of people discover stains where they covered their teeth.

Growing up where fluoride has been added to the drinking or tap water has been a plus for white teeth according to countless studies.

Teeth are irreplaceable. Handle them with care.

Ever notice a smile is returned with another smile? A beautiful one is gorgeous and hard to resist. Handle teeth with extra care because they are irreplaceable. Loss teeth do not grow and mistreatment with coffee, smoking, wine and other harmful habits will eventually show. This everyday abuse is harsh and takes a negative toll. A way out is using whitening as a solution. It is a remedy to regain some of the luster lost.

Lots of people have sensitive teeth. This video outlines how sensitive teeth get the same whitening results.

Have you used whitening products before?

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