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Choosing the Color of a Crochet Dress

Updated on April 5, 2011
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Are you looking for a great new item to make your wardrobe complete? The crochet dress is an item that every woman should have in her closet. Now if you don’t already own a crochet dress then you may be wondering how you would pull off such a look. The truth is that there are many crochet dress styles and they come in every color of the rainbow so there is something for every woman when it comes to crochet dresses. You will have to pick the length, silhouette and style of crochet dress that works best for you but you also want to make sure that you pay a lot of attention to color.

The White Crochet Dress

The most classic color option for a crochet dress is white. The white crochet dress is great because it shows off the detail of the crochet work. White is a fresh color that suggests innocence and purity and joy. The white crochet dress really emphasizes those feelings. That makes the white crochet dress a particularly great choice for springtime when the whole world is celebrating rebirth and renewal.

Many women who choose to wear a crochet dress want to really embrace their femininity and pay a little bit of homage to the generations of the past for whom crochet was so important. White crochet dresses hint at doilies and crochet tablecloths so they really capture that essence of domesticity that crochet can sometimes be about. At the same time if you select a white crochet dress that is cut in a modern, flattering style then you won’t be overdoing it with the nod to the past and will look modern rather than outdated.

One very important thing to consider about the white crochet dress, though, is that this is the crochet dress that is likely to get dirty the quickest. Most crochet dresses need to be hand washed and dried on a line so it is important to consider the fact that the white crochet dress may need a little bit more care than other crochet dress colors.

The Black Crochet Dress

The second most popular crochet dress color is black – the exact opposite in the color spectrum from the classic white crochet dress. Some of the reasons that the black crochet dress is so popular include:

o   A black crochet dress has great details but you need to get up close to really see them because of the dark color of the dress. This is great because it makes a subtle statement and gives you more than what you see at first glance.

o   The black crochet dress is feminine with a twist. The crochet design and the fact that it is a dress is really girly but the black color allows for an elegance that helps to make it so that the dress isn’t “too sweet”. A great example of a crochet dress that strikes a lovely balance between feminine and elegant is the black floral BCBG crochet dress.

o   The black crochet dress can be your little black dress. Every woman needs at least one!

o   The black crochet dress is the least likely to stain and get dirty so it may be a little bit easier to manage in terms of care than a white crochet dress or a crochet dress in lighter colors.

If you have never worn a crochet dress before and aren’t entirely sure that this feminine style is right for you then you might want to consider the black crochet dress.

The Red Crochet Dress

If you really want to make a bold statement with a crochet dress then go for red! The red crochet dress is eye-catching and attention getting. The color of the dress shows off the details of the crochet work really well but there’s nothing that says “doily” about this color of a crochet dress. Red is a powerful color that oozes sex appeal. If you want to choose a crochet dress for your wardrobe that is really a knockout piece then the red crochet dress is a great choice. For a sexier look choose a crochet dress with a more open design. For a more subdued look choose a darker shade of red (a maroon, for example) and aim for a streamlined silhouette. Either way the dress is going to make a great visual impact and you will feel good about yourself when wearing it!

The Pink Crochet Dress

The pink crochet dress is another popular choice. It is an interesting one because the statement that it makes can really vary depending on the shade of pink and the design of the dress. A pastel pink dress in a conventional silhouette is similar in many ways to the white crochet dress – it is girly and innocent although it has a slightly flirtier edge than the white crochet dress. In contrast a really bright pink crochet dress is a lot more similar to a red crochet dress than to a white crochet dress. Pink crochet dresses tend to be more popular for girls than for women but it’s definitely an option to consider.

The Cream Crochet Dress

The cream crochet dress is another color that tends to be popular. It is similar to the white crochet dress in some ways (classic, shows off the great crochet detail, may be prone to getting dirty). However the cream color may work better with many skin tones than the white crochet dress. The neutral color also works great when incorporated with other items in a wardrobe (a navy jacket for example) so the cream crochet dress is a great choice for women who don’t want to wear crochet alone but instead want to mix and mingle it with other items in the closet. For a great example of a really popular gorgeous crochet cream dress check out the Soulmates Bead Crochet Dress and Jacket.

Crochet Dresses in Other Colors

The white crochet dress, black crochet dress, red crochet dress, pink crochet dress and cream crochet dress are the five most popular colors. However you can get (or make) a crochet dress in any color under the sun. Don’t be afraid to look for blues, greens and browns when trying to find the crochet dress that is perfect for you!


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    Golfgal - Lisa 6 years ago

    Hi Kathryn,

    I really like your series on crochet dresses. Nice Job. I learned something from you today about clustering hubs. Peace.