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Choosing the Perfect Purple Shoes

Updated on January 22, 2011

Shoe Basics

The right pair of purple shoes can help enhance your wardrobe. The right shoes can also add a bit of dash and color to an otherwise drab look. Purple shoes suggest someone who is open to life and likes excitement. If you have an open character or you just want to show the world that you like to have fun the right pair can be ideal for you. A pair of purple shoes will help you express your personality and illustrate your sense of playfullness.

Consider shoes carefully before you buy. You want shoes that will fit well and will look good on your feet. You also want shoes that will make your feet feel stylish and fit in with the rest of your wardrobe.

Shades of Purple Shoes

Purple is a color with many associations. Purple connotes qualities that include creativity, royalty and out of the mainstream. Purple may be used for a bridesmaid’s dress, to add a sense of celebration or as a shade hanging from the shoulders of a Duchess during the coronation of a queen.

Purple shoes come in hundreds of different possible shades. In general purple shoes are divided into three categories of color: light, medium and dark purple. A good shoe store can provide you with colors in all such shades.

Light colored purple shoes come in shades that often resemble shades found in the spring on flowers. Typical names for such colors include lavender, lilac and wisteria. Lighter shades of purple often have much white or light blue in them. Purple shoes in lighter shades will often be made of fabrics that bring to mind airiness such as suede. Light purple shoes may have a strap in a contrasting darker shade of purple or an even in an entirely different yet complimentary color such as pink or yellow.

Medium shades of purple are often used in shoes. Shades of medium purple are shades that have less white in them and more dark blue or even black. Typical shades of purple shoes that fall on the medium side of the spectrum include heliotrope (with much pink mixed in), thistle, hibiscus and mauve. Medium shades of purple shoes often have a darker contrasting shade of purple on the base of the shoe or used a strap to provide a sense of drama and elegance.

Darker shades of purple are favored when going for vivid overall look. Darker shades of purple are often taken from nature and include items that you’ll find there. Such shades include amethyst, violet, eggplant, fuchsia, plum, raspberry, mulberry, burgundy and aubergine. Darker shades of purple are shades of purple that have a lot of dark blue or black in them or even hints of bright red. Brighter reds can be mixed with darker purples to create purple shoes that are appropriate when you want to make a statement. Darker shades of purple shoes are typically used by themselves without a contrasting color anywhere in the shoe. Occasionally you might see a heel in a dark brown or black to give the purple shoes height and heft.

Look for the shade of purple that you like. A pair of purple shoes should suit your personality and the look you ultimately want to create.

Types of Purple Shoes

Purple shoes come in many different types. The type of purple shoe you can design, create or buy is limited solely by your imagination.

Most types of purple shoes are divided into shoes designed for warm weather and shoes designed for cold weather. Shoes for warm weather range from sandals, open peep toes, sling backs to more upscale and ornate shoes such as classic pumps.

A purple shoe designed for warmer weather will typically only cover part of the foot. Most sandals cover the part of the foot that touches the ground. Users will find a short part on top of the shoe designed to keep the shoe close to the foot. This part typically comes in a shade of light purple or bright purple. The strap is designed to draw attention to the actually foot. You may see purple shoes with a simple strap or purple shoes with a highly decorated series of straps.

Very often a summer purple shoe will have a contrasting color somewhere on the foot of the shoe or near the heel. Popular colors for summer include pink, blue and green. Popular materials for summer purple shoes include soft leather, matted suede and the kind of thin plastic designed to be worn in the water or on the beach.

Purple shoes worn during the colder months usually cover the entire foot. The shoe often has a heel in the back to provide support during rain or snow. Winter purple shoes may also be designed for a special occasion such as Halloween.

A pair of winter purple shoes can add zing to your cold weather wardrobe. Use purple shoes during a cold and snowy day to brighten your mood. The shoes can work well with a plain black outfit or a dark hunter green winter coat.

Purple winter shoes usually come in only one color with perhaps a touch of black or brown at the heels. Purple shoes also tend to be in darker shades when offered during the winter. Darker shades of shoes are easier to keep clean when the weather turns muddy.

Other types of purple shoes that one can find include purple high heels, purple kitten heels and purple rain galoshes. A pair of purple heels can be ideal if you have a dress with shiny accents such as sequins or feathers. Kitten heels are perfect for the wearer who likes a bit of height but does not want to feel too far removed from the ground. A pair of purple galoshes can be a fabulous addition to colder weather when one needs to protect one’s feet before the morning bus shows up.


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