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Choosing the right hairstyle for a long face

Updated on June 18, 2013

Example of a funky bob that would work well on an oblong face, optional is to have it a little longer than this one.

This style is shown on a lady with a squarexoblong face. As you can see it disguises the length of the forehead whilst softening the sides of the face and hides cheeks. If  face is longer than this add more length
This style is shown on a lady with a squarexoblong face. As you can see it disguises the length of the forehead whilst softening the sides of the face and hides cheeks. If face is longer than this add more length

This hub is written to help you choose the right hairstyle for your face shape!!

The first step is being definitely sure you have a long face, don't rush out and change your hair only to find out you do not have a long face: Characteristics of the long (oblong) facial shape are:

A high forehead (four fingers+ from the hairline to top of the eyebrows in the gap above your nose) A long nose (not necessarily a large nose but a nose that spreads further down your face) A Square to rounded jawline, so your jaw isn't perfectly square but it isn't gently rounded off so you do not have an obvious line. A long chin, turn side on and smile, look in the mirror if your chin is long or prominent then you have a pointed chin. High cheekbones, high and fairly wide cheek bones are a good indicator of a long face, ones that stand out wider than the forehead, if they are high and wide but the same size as your forehead then you have a heart face.

Now you are sure you have the face shape correct, congrats you're oblong! I know it doesn't sound very nice or feminine but that doesn't mean you have to hide it. The main things to consider when choosing your new style are whether you want to lose the length, do you want a fringe? (bangs) and what your hair is naturally like (straight, curly or wavy) So let's move onto what will suit you best:

1. Short hair. Now I don't mean go for a full on shave or short and spikey I mean just above the shoulders to the jawline is an ideal length for you, angled/stacked bobs are a great idea as long hair can stretch and drag the face length down making it look super long and square your jaw off whilst a shorter style will help to add width and definition to your face.

2. Don't want to lose the length add volume to the sides? Okay so your hair is past your shoulders and this does mean it will pull the length of your face however there are things you can do to help push it back up and that is by adding waves. Start from just below the temples and gently wave your hair down and allow it to frame your face, soft waves counteract the harsh angles and soften the face off. If you have super long hair then if you can stand to do it, cut a few inches off and see what you think.

3. Shoulder length is flattering. Shoulder length hair is flattering on all facial shapes, it is the midway between short and long and will not add length to your long face whilst it isn't overly short. Style it straight and add volume to the sides of your face rather than the top which adds length to the face. Waves or curls can be super flattering but straight hair works well too with volume.

4. Stacked/angled bobs. You know people who have hair longer in the front usually just past the jaw and cut short to the back of the head? That is flattering for you as it cuts the length of the face, adds width and adds volume in the right places. They also tend to avoid short layers which will lengthen your face. Those strong, striking bones need to be complimented by an equally striking hair do, adding the perfect balance between them could be for you if you want to try something edgy.

5. A soft do for a harsh face. Let's face it, oblong faces can be masculine and harsh especially so in photos (I know because I have one) and they can be difficult to style so pick a very girly shorter do, one of those shaggy, waved and flicked shoulder length and up styles they are very classy, neat, modern and easily styled for anybody whether you have hours or minutes.

6. Add a fringe (bangs) a side swept, thinner fringe can help to shade out the long forehead and gently round off the face without lopping in layers or hacking out the length. A full front fringe is flattering provided it is below the eyebrows and you leave some length on the sides, be warned that if your jaw is more square than round it can box your face giving you a square facial shape but it really does help cut the length. Pulling the fringe back into a quiff, if large enough pull your fringe back and back comb it over onto your scalp, fasten with a clip and although it adds height, it is not harsh or unflattering on a long face especially from side on it will compliment you.

7. Long hair can be done provided you do it right. Never have your hair all one length or split your hair in a middle parting, this adds length to the face and the nose especially only dragging the face down further, simply comb your hair over into a middle parting (you do not need to cut a fringe) or cut yourself a nice sweeping fringe, this really helps pull more balance on the face. Add waves with heat stylers or spray ocean salt water onto it to give those fantastic beach waves. If you want to straighten your hair, add volume on the sides not the top and curl the front parts in towards your chest this can help stunt the pulling. Be careful of overly curly hair, high curls and poker straight hair.

8. Feeling kind of funky? Rather than cutting the hair too much, try adding some layers starting from the jawline, choppy uneven ones are best as they do not add strong blunt lines to the face which is what you want to avoid. Flashes of colour can also help to draw attention away from the shape of the face as well as accessorising. This option works best if you like your style but you are worried it doesn't suit you.

So now we've been through some styles, here's what you need to avoid:

1. SUPER long hair and I mean past the bottom of your breasts, this will drag the face length down and push the sides in making your face look long and square.

2. Super straight hair, this can make the hair appear much thinner which flattens it to the head and drags the length down even more, it can be a very harsh style if you do not have thick hair or do you do not add volume to the sides.

3. Volume on top, this adds height which insanely boosts the length, when doing big hair try adding the volume around the sides of the face giving a few inches down from the top, width shortens length.

4.p!nk hair, watch out because this style does not go well on an oblong face, it will add length and box your face up so you become both long and very square, it is extremely unflattering on a long face. If you feel you can brave it by all means go for it but it will be much, much harder for you to pull off.

4. Over thinning. I know some of us with thicker hair would like that thin jagged look but going too thin adds length and cuts width. If you have thin hair opt for a bob below the jaw or a stacked bob, style by rolling under when you blow dry to add careful volume.

5. Short layers. These add height and remove width as I have explained before.

6. Blunt cuts. Be warned, those fashionista cuts with hair to the jaw on one side and to the temple on the other are too harsh and will add length and cut the width. The same as a harsh block fringe and a blunt straight cut all the way around or to the jaw, these square the face and for us long people it isn't a good idea.

So now we've been through everything I just want to write a disclaimer that not every oblong face is quite the same. The colour of your hair can also help to improve the style which I suggest you check my hair and colours that are right for your skin tone hub on my page it will explain a lot and help you find out what your tones are warm, cold or neutral. Choosing the right colour can dramatically change your overall appearance.

You do have a less versatile face and the pixie crop, short and shaved, punky, mohawk, waist length and fashion bob are very hard styles to pull off and require a short but harsher face. The main aim for you is to find something that is soft and feminine that adds width and not length, the overall choice for you is a funky waved bob.

You are beautiful.


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