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Choosing what to and how to wear different looks.

Updated on June 7, 2010
Jewelry like clothes and shoes depends on how you coordinate the different pieces. However the personality of a person does sometimes come into play when paring different pieces. While wearing something because its chic and the new "it" thing to have does make you look cool, sometime going with something that you love and feel good about trumps the coolness factor 100%. The idea of buying something is not to wear it once and have it get lost in the pile lurking behind the closet...on the contrary one needs to buy a piece that they would enjoy wearing any day every day. Furthermore it is important to to buy a piece that coordinates with at least one thing in your closet. This is because sometimes we don't know what we want to wear...better yet there are those days you get up in the morning its feel like you want to wear those cute earrings or those shoes you got at a discount. The trick always is and will be whatever you feel like wearing on any given day becomes the basis on determining what to pair it with. One thing to caution about is to take care on what colors to coordinate because its a gray line between being fashion forward and being lost in different fashion era. Anyway with jewelry the bigger the size then the way to go with clothes is on the mute side especially if you want to focus on how good the earrings or necklace look on you. By mute clothing i am thinking subtle designs that don't look overwhelming by making the whole outfit to busy and a sore to the eyes of those you are with. Point in with too many designs on it may call for a one color dress...though the shade may vary. Thus you don't want to wear a floral print with jewelry that has all the colors of the rainbow. rather pick one color from the print and wear jewelry of that color. Better yet pick the finest of the print...that color that is barely noticeable and pair it with the helps give the whole look the surprise that thing you cant quite put a finger on but seems to be at the tip of your tongue. Sometimes however we need to push the boundaries... personality-wise at least. For people who are more reserved go for a piece that you wouldn't normally wear but keep in mind that it still is a gray line...a chunky pendant with a simple chain gives just enough dramatic effect to make you look divine. On the other hand if you are the bold more out going type...big can still work for you but in this case be judicious with the overall outlook.....big everything makes one question whether your outgoing nature is for real or you are just trying too hard.


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    • profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Clearwater

      Hi Miria

      After some surfing on the website you proposed the choices I have inclined towards are based on how great they can be if paired with different and RIGHT outfit.

      First anything pearly like is timeless. This necklace will go great with anything as long as its kept simple.

      Think professional and you wont go wrong as long as the color of the outfit blends perfectly with the necklace. darker shades will make the necklace pop and draw attention to your face.

      Item NO #: P35-061400 US$ 39.78

      Item Name: Chanel Necklace C018

      The following items are simple and that's why i choose them. Draped over a Black funky T-shirt paired with jeans will give the whole look some glamour while keeping it simple.Pair it with the bracelet and you will look dashing.

      If thinking about a night out, drop the necklace and do the earrings; wear a top or dress with hints of silver it will help add some sparkle to the eye.

      Item NO #: P35-043332 US$ 30.60

      Item Name: Tiffany & Co. Star Lariat Necklace


      Item NO #: P35-043305 US$ 41.65

      Item Name: Tiffany & Co. Star Link bracelet


      Item NO #: P35-043422 US$ 41.65

      Item Name: Tiffany & Co. Star Drop Earrings

      I hope i have helped. Tell me how it turns out.

      P.S I really appreciate your asking me.

    • profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Clearwater

      Thanks alot. I will definately have a look and give you a heads up on what i think could work.

    • miria1221 profile image


      8 years ago

      Your point is very unique.I think you are very familiar with fashion.I find a website( the goods is very cute, and if you are free,you can go to the webside to help me to choose something cute jewelry.Thank you!


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