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Christian Louboutin Boots, Booties Review: OTK, Mid-Calf, Heels, Wedges, Platforms; Leather, Suede, Fur

Updated on January 6, 2015

Christian Louboutin Boots

Offering about twenty different collections, Christian Louboutin boots and booties fashion department is not the designer's largest – but it's one of his most versatile in terms of architecture and the range of materials used in the manufacturing.

Generally intended for the autumn and winter seasons, boots will regularly employ an enclosed layout, covering the feet from rain and snow, and keeping it warm in cold temperature. Only a few models (such as the strapped Tinzata) opt for an open pattern that reveals some skin and allows it to breathe and soak the sun; an opposite of this summer oriented design becomes the fur lined, ultra-warm and couture Tundra booty collection.

Christian Louboutin boots can be divided into two main categories: corporate casual, and evening dress. The former type exhibits classic black leather shaft with minimal ornament and overall very neat, clean, appearance. The heel, the wedge, or the platform will act as the counterbalance for the tall over-the-knee shoes.

Evening dress footwear turns towards more delicate, textured, and luxurious materials on the one hand – suede, cotton, lace – and expressive, eye-catching decoration – rhinestones, multiple straps, silver buttons – on the other.

Christian Louboutin Boots
Christian Louboutin Boots


This segment offers over-the-knee and mid-calf (these are quite high, essentially below-the-knee cuts) shoes, made from leather or suede, and featuring the iconic Christian Louboutin red painted sole. The brand's unique quality of elegance and clarity becomes particularly evident in the tall boots – it is needed to control and tone down the the sheer quantity of black toned leather.

Collections include Meneboot, Miss Tack Botta, Simple Botta, Babel, Garibaldi, Tres Contente, Gazolina, and others.


Booties segment displays considerably more variety in materials and patterns, approaching that of the heels, pumps, and evening shoes. First, it's obvious that the shorter model take to color much more readily, presenting opportunities for a modification in favor of such shades as purple, beige, and neutrals.

Second, booties allow an aesthetically sound and effective use of such materials as pony hair, coyote hair, and even lace and cotton canvas. Collections include Belle, Lastoto, Loubout, Fastissima, Simple, Big Lips, Lipspikes, Guerriere, Margot, Mad Marta, and others.


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