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Christian Louboutin Platforms, Wedges, Sandals Shoes Review: Leather, Python, Suede, Satin, Flannel, Lace

Updated on January 6, 2015

Christian Louboutin Wedges

As often is the case with platforms and wedges – Cole Haan and Steve Madden too reveal a similar trait – many shoes of this type overlap with other Christian Louboutin categories: pumps and heels, booties, sandals, and evening shoes.

Platforms in particular have not yet become a completely independent architectural element in the brand's inventory, the designer consistently combining them with heels. While some of the shoes rising on a platform make the toe elevation almost unnoticeable, others emphasize it, achieving interesting and surprising multi-layered effects – a feature that will appeal to the most sophisticated couture footwear aficionados.

Wedges effectively unite comfort with fashion, presenting the trademark solid sole, colored to contrast or accord with the tone of the upper, which can be structured as a strapped sandal or a a closed or open toes flat. Wedges employ leather and satin; leather shoes opt for classic black, brown, and beige palette, fabric ones arrive in vivacious, summer bright navy and orange.

Christian Louboutin Wedges
Christian Louboutin Wedges


Platforms offer over fifty various designs: some of them reappear in neighbour footwear segments, but others are completely unique – and quite original. Perhaps no other Christian Louboutin selection displays such flair and panache, as shoes parade fluffy tassels, intricate two-tone weaves, breezy patterns and multicolored templates.

Collections include Lady Peep, Miss America, Toutenkaboucle, Larissa, Ambertina, Change of the Guard (a tongue-in-cheek allusion the head gear of the Buckingham Palace guard), Boulima, Lassagi, Altadama, and others.


Wedges comprise what could be Christian Louboutin only hot summer season shoes department, most of the assortment revealing as much of the foot as possible (though several collections will still trend towards the corporate look with a single tone black or beige design).

The height of the heels ranges from 70mm (approximately three inches) to 140mm (approximately 5.5 inches – a mark that approaches some of the brand's tallest items). Collections include Miss Boxe, Pepi, Crepon, Une Plume, Miss Cristo, Praia, and others.


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