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Christian Louboutin Shoes Guide-Review: Boots, Booties, Pumps, Heels, Sandals, Platforms, Wedges, Loafers

Updated on January 6, 2015

Christian Louboutin Fashion

Christian Louboutin originated one of all evening shoes industry's most recognized fashion trademarks: the red sole. The designer himself once noted that he wished to lend the shoes “more energy,” and painted the bottom of the footwear with a vibrant, full-blooded red to achieve this goal; though rarely noticed, it seems to work on a subconscious level, almost literally uplifting the wearer.

Interestingly, when actors study for their roles, they think what shoes their characters would wear, starting building the role from “the bottom up.” What these performers do in cinema, Christian Louboutin does in fashion – both aiming to reach the highest possible level of artistic integrity and authenticity.


While Christian Louboutin is especially known for his heel and stiletto evening shoes, his selection includes all major types of footwear, including boots (over-the-knee, knee-height, and short booties), classic pumps (more than a few low heel models), platforms (combining a one inch platform for the toe and up to 5 inch-high heel), the more casual slip-on or ankle strap wedges, and various kinds of flats: ballerinas (more delicate than Cole Haan ballets), sneakers, and loafers.


Besides the classic patent leather and suede, Christian Louboutin also employ such fabrics as chiffon, satin, and lace. Strass (rhinestones), and even pony hair on some collections enrich the texture and give the items additional depth.


Christian Louboutin prepares a new collection for each season, but as always is when a single designer controls the creative process, a set of unique design traits become particularly pronounced. They reappear consistently in various forms and modifications throughout the seasons:

  • Emphasis on clarity and elegance: simplicity in its most unfettered, contemporary expression, without the imposing concepts of early minimalism. Even when deploying such ornamental and conspicuously chic materials as rhinestones, CL aims to produce a harmonious and unified appearance that remains strictly within the boundaries of good taste.

  • Sophistication, especially in small details that create an understated but unmistakable sense of character depth and knowledge. The iconic red sole epitomizes this principle, proving that even the least seen elements of a shoe can exert aesthetic influence. Often the only way to demonstrate this property in a pair of dress pumps or platforms is by opting for a two-tone palette.

  • High-end materials and close quality control – probably the same features that make Christian Louboutin such a reliable and durable footwear brand. While it is known that the brand's products cost more than those of a less prestigious company, the price tag of an original pair guarantees uncompromising manufacturing quality.

Types of Shoes

  • Boots&Booties department offers OTK, mid-calf, and low cut (essentially booties) models designed for a rainy weather. Booties may include a zipper, button, or an elastic gore detail; some of the more extravagant collections feature a leopard print on a pony hair (obviously Christian Louboutin enjoys the irony), a coyote fur lining (Toundra), or a series of straps or bows.

  • Pumps&Heels constitute the peak of CL artistry in the field of fashionable shoes creation: from reserved corporate casual, neutral toned low pumps, to high-end, luxuriously decorated, “sky high” heels. Patent leather, satin, and chiffon fabrics besides glittering strass décor; beige, black, purple, and even blue colors.

  • Sandals&Flats (also men's sports sneakers and loafers) segment presents finesse that effortlessly emulates Cole Haan or Steven Madden – and some would argue outmatches these designers. Calm, confident designs that rely on simple and elegant black, neutral, and occasionally more festive tone combinations.

  • Platforms and Wedges: while the former category compliments the evening and dress pumps an heels, the latter provides the ever important leisurely slip-on alternative – a relaxed and casual shoe design which proves that Christian Louboutin can take things easy when he wants to.


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