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Christmas Stockings For Men Who Wear Hosiery

Updated on December 11, 2009
One should of course, feel free to shave if one feels that a thick pelt of hair under stockings is unsightly.
One should of course, feel free to shave if one feels that a thick pelt of hair under stockings is unsightly.

As kids, everyone loves Christmas stockings. They're always full of treats which, in hindsight probably only pointlessly contributed toward global warming and the death of the planet as we know it, but at the time seemed quite excellent. A little pink sticker set? Joy! Plastic animals? Super! More candy than your stomach can humanly hold? But of course!

For some adults, Christmas stockings are now an entirely different proposition. Instead of gleefully feasting their eyes on the fuzzy felt oversized sock nailed to the mantlepiece, some men now feast their senses on the delicate nylon of hosiery. Throughout the year it is a constant taboo, tantalizing them from the women's side of the department store, being worn smugly on the legs of women, who are allowed to wear stockings as much as they please on the basis that they have an extra squiggly bit at the end of one chromosome.

Of course, there is no real reason why one should deny oneself the pleasure of hosiery, and there's no reason why one shouldn't be able to combine the two passions of hosiery and Christmas. As mired in pointless consumerism and controversial religiosity as the festival is, the beauty of Christmas is that it is one time of the year at which most of the population fixes their souls on the goal of goodwill to their fellow man. Celebrating that notion does us all good.

If you're a man who loves hosiery but rarely incorporates it into his daily wardrobe, why not give yourself a little gift this year and wear stockings to the Christmas dinner. You don't have to flash them about the place, after all, in the Northern climes, it is a little too chilly to do so at this time of year, but you can wear them discretely under the pressed slacks you'll be wearing if your family believes in a casual / formal Christmas, and the sweatpants or jeans you'll be wearing if your family is a little more relaxed about the entire affair.

Have you been good this year? I bet you have been. It's been a difficult year for pretty much everyone, so be kind to yourself and reward yourself this Christmas by picking your favorite pair of stockings and wearing them for the day. Alternatively, you could invest in some festive stockings, opaque red and green stockings are a good choice for the man who likes the feel of thicker stockings and wants to get into the Christmas spirit, or more saucy sheer stockings are also an excellent choice with their often 'barely there' feeling.

Like the Christmas spirit itself, there's something very ephemeral about the sensation of a well fitting pair of pantyhose or stockings.


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    • profile image

      allen danninger 

      9 years ago

      i wear stockings all the time i like the old fashioned sheer stockings so i wear them as much as possible except to work u see i am a steel worker welder do not need any runs in my stockings they are to expensive

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I see you beat me to the snarky comment about hairy legs.


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