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Baby Christmas Outfits

Updated on September 13, 2014

Baby Chrismas Attire

Not sure what to dress your little one in for a Christmas party or for the big day itself. Look below for lots of ideas of baby Christmas outfits. From, baby Christmas costumes like Santa outfits to smart attire such as beautiful Christmas dresses and suits for your bundle of joy. Also, kit your little one out in festive socks, bodysuits, pajamas and bibs. There are also Christmas coats and hats for babies too.

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What to Look for When Choosing a Baby Christmas Outfit

There are quite a few things to consider when choosing your Christmas outfit for your little one:

Easy diaper change - Can you easily change your baby's diaper without taking on and off an entire costume?

Comfort - This perhaps is the most important factor, otherwise you will end up with a grizzly baby! Make sure your baby won't be too hot or cold in the outfit you have chosen. Look for materials that are soft and comfortable on your baby's skin. Make sure the outfit isn't too tight or will rub against the skin.

Will the baby wear the Christmas costume, outfit and accessories? - Before buying your costume consider the accessories and outfit itself. Will your baby pull off any hats, headbands or other accessories that are essential to the outfit? If so, it may be worth considering a different one.

Mobility - If your baby is mobile (crawling or walking) you'll want to make sure the costume allows him or her to crawl or walk or they will end up frustrated and unhappy.

Baby Reindeer Coat

Some Christmas outfits aren't warm enough to wear outside on their own so why not get a reindeer coat for the festive season?The coat could be worn for parties, for a festive walk on Christmas Day or even throughout the whole of December.

Bearington Baby Lil' Reindeer Coat (6-12 Months)
Bearington Baby Lil' Reindeer Coat (6-12 Months)

A lovely reindeer coat which is perfect for the festive season. Aimed at babies between 6 and 12 months. Silky inside and soft and fluffy outsideGentle and smooth for babies skinCan match with Reindeer booties,blankie,rattle etc


More Christmas Coats for Babies

Are you looking for a baby Christmas coat, perhaps a Santa coat?Check out some more ideas below.

Gund Snowman Jacket
Gund Snowman Jacket

White fleece snowman costume with hood. Snowman face on the back of hood. Plush lining around waist and wrists. Fits ages 3-9 months

Bearington Baby, Santa Baby Coat (12-24 Months)
Bearington Baby, Santa Baby Coat (12-24 Months)

This charming little Santa coat will allow everyone to join in the holiday season. The toasty Santa coat is a soft velveteen lined in red satin and has a soft white trim. It's the perfect Christmas addition to your baby's wardrobe .


Fancy Dress Christmas Costumes for your baby

There are many different costumes you can dress your little one in. Boys can be dressed in little Santa outfits. Girls can be little angels. Or they can be a snowman or even a Christmas tree. Look below for some inspiration.

Make Your Own Baby Christmas Costume

You can quite easily make a Christmas costume for your baby. The good thing about making your own costume is you could potentially dress baby in clothes that your they already have. Or if you have to buy them, you could wear them again for everyday wear after you've finished with your christmas costume. Here are some ideas:

Baby Fairy / Angel - use a white outfit (such as white dress, white tights or socks and a white cardigan). Make some baby fairy wings. You can make your own fairy/angel wings or buy them quite cheaply. A white headband will finish off the outfit nicely.

Elf - Use green and red clothes for an elf. Then top it off with a green, red or brown hat. Again these can be bought quite cheaply or you can make your own elf hat.

Christmas suits

Let your little boy be the smartest in the room with a suit. A suit could be worn on more than one occasion, perhaps for Christmas Day and those Christmas parties.You could also sell a suit on ebay after your baby has grown out of it to recoup some of the cost.

Baby Santa Christmas Hat

Jacqui's Unisex Baby Red Santa Hat with Peppermint Candy
Jacqui's Unisex Baby Red Santa Hat with Peppermint Candy

Baby santa hats are perfect when fancy dress is required, for Christmas photos or for Christmas day itself. The hat featured opposite is a red Santa hat with white brim and peppermint candy applique. Its 100% soft cotton knit and perfect for the festive season. It comes in different sizes for even the smallest of babies.


Keep the Cost of Baby Christmas Outfits Low

Buying a special outfit for just one day or one party can be quite expensive. But there are ways you can save on the cost. Here are some ideas:

Sell your outfit on ebay after use - If you are just going to wear your baby Christmas outfit once, why not sell it on ebay after you've finished. You may have to keep it until the following year to sell it and get the best price but then you could use that money to buy a toddler Christmas outfit.

Buy secondhand - As people only use their baby Christmas outfits once as their child grows out of them quite quickly, they quite often sell them secondhand - (see above). Why not check out ebay and see what outfits they have on there for your baby.

Make your own - It's quite often easier and simpler to make your own Christmas outfit. For example, you could use red and green clothing and top it off with a baby Santa hat. These clothing items could then be worn as normal everyday wear.

Mud Pie Baby Christmas Outfits

Mud Pie make some really cute adorable Christmas outfits for babies. The good thing about some of these outfits is that you may be able to wear some of the clothing items separately again. Check out the options below.

Mud Pie Baby Boys' Reindeer 3 Piece Set, Multi Colored, 0 6 Months
Mud Pie Baby Boys' Reindeer 3 Piece Set, Multi Colored, 0 6 Months

This is a nice set with a Christmas reindeer jumper. The trousers and shirt could be worn for everyday wear too.

Mud Pie Baby Girls' Santa Ribbon Skirt Set, Multi Colored, 9 12 Months
Mud Pie Baby Girls' Santa Ribbon Skirt Set, Multi Colored, 9 12 Months

It's a two piece set with multi-layered skirt with built-in red and white striped tights with green accents

Mud Pie Baby Girls' I Love Santa Tunic And Leggings Set, Multi Colored, 12 18 Months
Mud Pie Baby Girls' I Love Santa Tunic And Leggings Set, Multi Colored, 12 18 Months

Another 2 piece set. It comes in 9 to 12 months or 12 to 18 months. Red chiffon ruffle on top and leggings and leggings printed with I love Santa


Christmas baby booties and Shoes

Don't forget footwear. It's quite easy to forget what we are going to put on our baby's feet with their Christmas outfit. There's nothing worse than having a beautiful outfit prepared and then forgetting to have some shoes or booties to go with it. Luckily there are lots of options. You could just go with some festive colored socks (see further on in the article for some options) or check out the booties and shoes below.

Baby Christmas Socks

I love baby socks and had a huge selection for my little one. If you're the same use the opportunity of your baby's first Christmas to buy some festive socks.

Mud Pie Baby-Girls Newborn I Love Santa Socks, Multi Colored, 0-12 Months
Mud Pie Baby-Girls Newborn I Love Santa Socks, Multi Colored, 0-12 Months

One pair of cotton socks printed with I Love SantaSized at 0 to 12 months and perfect for baby girlsRed chiffon ruffles at the ankle

Mud Pie Christmas Party Socks assorted styles (Sold Separately)
Mud Pie Christmas Party Socks assorted styles (Sold Separately)

Lots of different designs of Christmas party socks.


Christmas Baby Headband

Baby Flower Headband for Infant, Baby, Toddler. Chiffon Flower. Chandra.
Baby Flower Headband for Infant, Baby, Toddler. Chiffon Flower. Chandra.

Consider a headband to match a holiday dress. The color featured is white but you can buy them in red and other different colors. The headband featured is a large, layered, chiffon flower is permanently attached to our 5/8 inch elastic, stretchy headband. The size is ideal for approximately 3 months-24 months. Flat and unstretched, the headband is approximately 15 inches in circumference.This headband is comfortable to wear, and will not leave indentations or marks on your little one's head.


Festive baby onesies

There are some lovely Christmas themed bodysuits and pajamas to dress your baby in.

Carter's Baby Long-sleeve Christmas Bodysuit (Newborn, Green/Grandma)
Carter's Baby Long-sleeve Christmas Bodysuit (Newborn, Green/Grandma)

This cute bodysuit reads "Who needs Santa, when I have Grandma".

There are others in different colors including a red one which reads:

"All Mommy wants is a silent night".


Christmas Bibs

Well there's a lot of eating to be done at Christmas and a lot of mess for your baby to make. Make sure you have a selection of Christmas bibs for all the meals and parties.

Baby Christmas Pajamas and Sleepsuits

There's nothing more cute and peaceful than a sleeping baby. Make them look even more cute at bedtime in some Christmas pajamas.

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