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Citizen A-T Watch

Updated on December 18, 2010

Atomic Time Watches, A-T watches for short, are some of finest watches offered by Citizen.  These remarkable timepieces have gained popularity due to their unique accomplishment of delivering the accuracy of an atomic clock to a wristwatch.  

The fact that they are some of the best looking and most stylish watches offered by Citizen might also have something to do with their popularity as well.   I am a true Citizen watch enthusiast, and I can honestly say these are up there with the best watches the company has ever manufactured in their storied history.

Atomic Time Keeping, Using Radio Waves for Perfectly Accurate Time

So by now you have to be asking yourself, how does this amazing technology work? A radio wave is transmitted early in the morning that sets the time for you each day; talk about convenience! In addition to the easy of use associated with never having to wind a watch, Radio Controlled Watches are accurate to within 10−9seconds per day.

Your watch will automatically receive the signal, so there are no technical barriers you need to worry about. The only thing you really need to be concerned with is to make sure that the watch is in an optimal position to receive the radio signal.

Setting the Time and Signal Reception

Citizen Radio Controlled watches feature several different modes, with a press button adjustment marked with an M in most instances. Pressing the M button will allow you to filter through these various modes, each of which allow you to control a specific type of timekeeping, such as setting the time zone. For example, you could set your Citizen automatically with the click of a button to instantly display either EUR time, or JPN (Japan) time, just to name a few.

Other Citizen models have you pull out the crown to select the world time of your choice. Most World Edition Perpetual A-T models allow you to choose the time zone in this way. On a side note, the Limited Edition World Perpetual A-T is one of the most beautiful Radio Controlled Watches offered by Citizen. The style and functionality offered in this watch is truly spectacular.

The watch will automatically correct to the corresponding mode you have selected by receiving a radio transmission according to your specific selection. This process takes about 2-8 minutes, and will see your second hand bouncing around. The watch will indicate time normally for the rest of the day after it receives the signal early in the morning.

Style, Style and yes...more Style

Citizen makes a lot of amazing watches, but Citizen A-T Watches are in a category all by themselves, the bar has been raised. These watches look just as good as any high-end luxury timepiece and they sell at just a fraction of the price. The price aside, these watches looks so good you won’t be able to get this watch off you wrist once you purchase one.

With a variety of styles and models you can expect to find any Citizen A-T watch to suit your specific need. Most feature some combination of stainless steel, rose-gold tone, sapphire glass crystal, with some models offering diamond accents as well. Citizen blends these elements together, making each and model uniquely stunning.

Notable A-T Watch Models

Citizen A-T models are mainly tailored towards men, so all the models mentioned below are men’s’ watches.  Weather you are looking for a watch for yourself, or a gift for someone special, I guarantee you will find a great Citizen A-T among my following personal favorites:

  • Limited Edition World Perpetual A-T; with Crocodile Strap
  • World Perpetual A-T; Two-tone with Rose Gold Tone
  • All stainless steel Chrono Time A-T
  • Black stainless steel Chrono Time A-T
  • Blue Angels Skyhawk A-T
  • All Black Skyhawk A-T

Atomic Time + Extensive Style = One amazing watch

If you have ready some of my other articles you often hear me reference the Citizen A-T as on of my favorite of all Citizen Collections.   I talk a lot about these watches because I firmly believe they are the best watches on the planet for the price.  No other company can even compete with Citizen A-T watches, they are just that amazing.


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      6 years ago

      One of the watches that's really held it's appeal to me is the Citizen PMT56-2711. Unfortunately, it's out of production and hard to find, so when a reader recently asked me for alternatives, I wasn't able to help. Since then, I've found the Citizen BM6400-00E. There's also a version with a bracelet, the BM6400-51E, although that doesn't seem to be sold in the US.

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