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Citizen Aqualand Watches

Updated on December 18, 2010

Citizen Aqualand watches offer water sport enthusiasts and divers all you could ever need in a functional wristwatch.   Citizen has raised the bar across all lines, and the Aqualand collection is no exception.  A unique blend of high performance and style, these watches truly are some most unique timepieces Citizen has ever manufactured.

Style meets Functionality

When it comes to watches for water sports, Citizen Aqualand Watches are simply the best of the best.   In the Aqualand collection, Citizen has managed to provide wearers a stylish and modern look, while still offering extensive functionality to meet the users specific needs.

For divers, it really does not get better than Citizen Aqualand Watches.  These watches offer an amazing array of features and functions with a surprising amount of style.  The current 20th Anniversary Aqualand Eco- Drive is the epitome of a divers dream watch.   It has more features that you can keep track of and this watch still manages to look amazing at the same time. 

Extensive Features

Aside from the style, you better believe that Citizen packed an extensive array of features into their Aqualand models. Citizen Aqualand Watches offer a combination of the following features and functions:

  • Current Digital Dept Display up to 300 ft
  • Tracks Depth and Time of Dive
  • Measures Max Depth
  • 20 Dive memory
  • Water Temperature Display and Memory
  • Calendar
  • 3 Alarms
  • 12/24 Hour Time
  • 2 Times Zones
  • Electro-Luminescence Backlighting

In addition to the above features, Citizen Aqualand Watches offer anti-reflective face, all stainless steel iron plating, stylish rubber strap, and water resistance down to 200M (666ft).

Recommended Models

One of my favorite watches Citizen has ever created is the Citizen Super Aqualand with light blue and black accents.  This watch looks like it belongs in a sci-fi movie not on a divers wrist.  The watch simply looks amazing.  You honestly can’t take your eyes off your wrist when wearing this watch.

Other notable models are the Aqualand and the Aqualand II.  Citizen has recently come out with a 20th Anniversary Aqualand model.  This watch is what I would recommend to anyone interested in purchasing a diving watch.  It just has every feature you could ever need in a diving watch and does it with a ton of style.

Buy an Aqualand Online

Although you may have a difficult time finding many Citizen Aqualand models in a retail outlet. The good news is that there are plenty of sites online where you can find a variety of Aqualand models selling at a huge discount to retail outlets anyway. I will recommend again the Super Aqualand as I really feel this is one of the finest watches Citizen has ever made. No matter what, any diving or water sports lover can find what they need in a Citizen Aqualand Watch.


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