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Citizen Automatic Watches

Updated on December 18, 2010

Citizen automatic watches are truly unique because the focal point is more on the mechanical movements and less about other, more notable, technologies such as the famous Citizens Eco Drive trademark. In general, an automatic watch utilizes the wearer’s wrist movements to drive the watch. It does this through a series of gears that basically transfers the kinetic motion of your wrist, though a series of gears, and transforms that motion into energy to power the watch.

So instead of having to manually wind your Citizen wristwatch, the automatic function built into your watch does it for you. It just so happens that Citizen Automatic Watches are some of the best ever crafted. I would expect nothing less from the worlds largest watch manufacturer.

Historic, Almost Obsolete Technology, Still Has Viable Uses

Automatic watches were cutting edge technology prior to the widespread incorporation of Citizen’s famous Eco Drive technology into most of their watch models. In a way, the automatic watch is a thing of the past because it has been replaced by the vastly more efficient Eco Drive tech.

Many collectors or watch enthusiasts enjoy this feature and will find a wide variety of older Citizen models featuring automatic functionality. Having that said, there are still situations where this genius technology still has its’ uses. Specifically, for divers who are underwater and without sunlight for long enough periods that it doesn’t make sense to power the watch with a solar cell.

It is because of this fact that the only current Citizen automatic watch that still features automatic technology is the Professional Diver. If you are a serious diver or have enough cash to spend on a really nice and stylish looking watch, check out the 1000M Professional Diver.

Notable Models

There are many notable Citizen automatic watches for both men and women, just remember that most Citizen automatic watches you find online will be older models.  Having that said, when you check around online, there are still a ton of these watches out there and most are in great condition and are selling at a huge discount.

One of the only newer model Citizen Automatics you will find is the stylish Citizen Professional Divers watch.  Other notable older watches featuring automatic tech are the older and dressy Gents, Sapphire, and Eagle lines. 

Online Buying Tips

Since most citizen automatic watches have been discontinued you’re going to have trouble finding these watches at a retailer. If you absolutely must have this watch, there is still an extensive variety of Citizen Automatic Watches online.

You have to remember, there is only one current production model utilizing automatic movements. Most of the watches you will see for sale online are either used or old and never worn models, so you have to be careful what you’re buying and whom you’re buying it from.

There are loads of trusted and reliable online sites where you can find Citizen Automatic Watches, even if they are older models. Trust me when I say, even if these are older models there are a number of Citizen Automatic Watches that are truly amazing. They are a viable option for any discount shopper because you can still get a great looking watch for a fraction of the price of newer models.


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    • Eric Saville profile image

      Eric Saville 7 years ago from London, England

      Currently working on expanding out the content on the site. Soon there will be a dedicate page for every citizen watch. Thanks for the comment!

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      irfan 7 years ago

      the site is informative. But most of the watches repeatedly shown in pictures in different pages. Can u please with a dedicated page for Automatic Watches (Citizen )