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Citizen Blue Angels Watch

Updated on December 18, 2010

One of the most compelling and iconic watches across all Citizen Collections, the special edition Blue Angels Skyhawk offers consumers, what the company calls, a “Unstoppable” wristwatch. This watch is one of the centerpieces in Citizens' most recent ad-campaing featuring the "Unstoppable" tag line. This amazing timepiece has elevated the playing field for mid end casual watches and upped the stakes for Citizen’s competitors.

Compelling Style

The Blue Angels watch was directly inspired from the historic group of U.S. Navy pilots that tour the country putting on over 70 spectacular air shows each year in their famous blue and gold F/A-18 Hornet aircraft. Drawing from these customary blue and yellow color tones, the Blue Angels watch is a direct take from the Citizen Skyhawk line that borrows heavily from an aviation inspired design and style.

An interesting fact about this collection is that supposedly, the use of the Blue Angels name for the product is with the permission, but not the full endorsement of the U.S. Navy.

Also, I should mention that while being a special edition timepiece, the Blue Angels watches are also very usable and practical. Overall the look and feel of the Blue Angels watch is very appealing for men. The sheer impression of the watch speaks both of power and self-assuredness, which Citizen backs up this feel with an extensive array of features.

On of the benefits of purchasing this watch is the fact that Citizen has featured the Blue Angel in its’ most recent “Unstoppable” ad campaign. Ambassador and professional NASCAR driver Matt Kenseth is "as an unstoppable as this watch". (At least according to the current Citizen print ad I saw in a magazine the other day.)

Watch Components

First and foremost, you get the benefit of Citizen’s famous Eco-Drive technology in your Blue Angels watch. This technology is prized for being both innovative and ecologically friendly. Another notable feature of this watch the fact that you will never need to replace its' battery, as the Blue Angels watches are completely solar powered. In today’s green friendly society this can be a huge social perk of the Blue Angels watch.

Even if you get stuck without sunlight, the Blue Angels Skyhawk watch has a four-year power reserve! No need to worry about this watch running out of power.

One of the really cool features of the Blue Angels Skyhawk is its' the Atomic Timekeeping function. Using Radio Controlled Accuracy, the Citizen Blue Angel will automatically adjust to the perfect time by receiving radio waves broadcasted in the US, Germany, Japan, and China.

Some of the more basic features of the Blue Angels watch are water resistance to 666m (Strange number to pick, I know!). The Blue Angel Skyhawk also offers a perpetual calendar, 99-minute countdown calendar, two alarms, chronographic capability, and a double push fold over clasp. The bezel of the watch includes an aviation slide rule useful for time calculation, speed and distance, as well as other computations.

The Blue Angels Skyhawk has all of the typical features that we have come to expect from a special edition Citizen watch, which showcases the fact that the Citizen Watch company is at the forefront of watch making technology and style.

Why you should buy a Citizen Blue Angels

If you find yourself looking for a travel companion watch, sitting somewhere below the dreaded $1000 dollar price range, then I would highly suggest considering the Blue Angel watch from Citizen.  Citizen watches are some of the best around anyway, and this special edition timepiece is really worth it. It is built like a tank, has all the features you could want, and it’s just a really hot brand on the market.


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