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Citizen Calculator

Updated on December 18, 2010

The Citizen brand is known and recognized for one reason, they are the largest watch manufacturer in the world.  What is not as well known is the fact that the Citizen Watch Co. is only one division of a giant conglomerate of companies under the umbrella of the Citizen Holding Co., LTD.   Among the hundreds of products this family of company creates, one of the best is a Citizen Calculator

Extensive array of products

Under the name Citizen Systems Japan Co., Citizen offers a multitude of calculators, adding machines, calculators with printing capabilities, and personal organizers. When it comes to consumer electronics products a Citizen Calculator is simply top of the line.

Citizen has created a calculator for every possible use or need. Citizen organizes their lines of calculators into the following categories:

  • PRINTER Series
  • C-Series
  • DESKTOP Series
  • CT Series
  • POCKET Series

As you can see, there is a Citizen calculator for just about every use or need you can possibly imagine.

A Calculator and Organizer for every need

Coming from someone who used an adding machine every day for over 3 years, I know that it pays to have a good adding machine over a cheap one.  That is where Citizen comes into play when it comes to all types of devices that perform calculations for any need.  They manufacture some of the best consumer electronics in the world, and you should expect nothing but the best from a Citizen Calculator.

As you can see from the list above there are an extensive array of calculators offered by Citizen.  Some uses for a Citizen Calculator include:

  • Professional Accounting: When you need a printed record of manual calculations for professional accounting services or book keeping, look to Citizen’s Printer Series Line.
  • Business or Home Use: When you need to support small business operations or have a calculator handy at home to help with bills or family budgets, look to the C-Series, DESKTOP & SEMI DESKTOP Series, CT Series, and POCKET Series.
  • College Courses or Professional Use; When you need a Citizen Calculator to use in you college math or statistics course or if you are a professional user whose job requires a high performance calculator, look to the SCIENTIFIC SERIES.

Best place to find Citizen Calculator

The North America marketplace for calculators is dominated by names like HP, Cannon, Texas Instruments, Staples, and Sharp.   Citizen dominates the European and Japanese market when it comes to calculators.  So for any savvy America shopper who is looking for a great calculator for a great price, look to the many websites selling these high quality Citizen Calculators. 


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