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Citizen Calibre Watches

Updated on December 18, 2010

If you happen to be in the market for a stylish, trendy, and competitively priced watch then look no further than Citizen’s Calibre Watches.  These watches showcase the extensive watch making skills and design foresight that have made Citizen the world’s largest watch manufacturer.

The Citizen Calibre Collection

As a result of the recent economic turmoil consumers throughout the world have been forced to tighten their purse strings when it comes to luxury items, especially watches.  More conservative shoppers have equated to increasing demand for stylish luxury watches that don’t cost an arm and a leg.  The Citizen Watch Company has more than met the needs of this growing market segment with most current models in the Calibre Collection offering great looking watches costing somewhere between $375-$695 USD.

Citizen Calibre Watches are divided into two categories, the Calibre 8700 and the Calibre 2100.  There are eight models of the Calibre 8700 and only three models of the Calibre 2100 which is, in spite or what you might think from the numbering, the more expensive of the two categories.  The Calibre 2100’ offers a larger variety of features, and improvements upon the basic features offered in the Calibre 8700 models.  Even though the Calibre 2100 models offer better features, it is the 8700 models that offer the most style and features for the best price.

Emphasis On Style

The Citizen Calibre Collection offers a whole lot of style and functionality for the price. At first glance, most people would not ever guess that these were Citizen watches. All eight of the Calibre 8700 models offer differing variations of the same basic design. The most basic of the models retails for $375 and features a simple leather strap with either a white or brown face with a non-stainless steel casing.

The middle priced models offer a stainless steel band and casing and retails for around $475. These Calibre 8700s are offered with either a blue or brown face.

The more luxury models in the Calibre 8700 line are offered with gold, gold and stainless steel combined, or gold with diamond accents. These higher priced Calibre 8700’s retail from $496 to $725 but they are well worth the extra money as they are one of the most stylish watches offered by Citizen. Regardless of the model or price all Citizen Calibre Watches offer a truly unique watch for a very reasonable price.

Features of the Calibre Collection

Aside from these being the most stylish collection offered by Citizen, the Calibre collection still manages to offer a wide variety of features that you wouldn’t really see in comparable models offered by other companies. All Citizen Calibre Watches offer different variations of the following features;

  • Retrograde Perpetual Calendar
  • Alarm
  • Dual Time
  • 12 hr / 24 hr time
  • Non-reflective Crystal Face
  • Famous Citizen Eco-Drive Technology
  • Water resistance ranging from 333m to 666m
  • Month, Day, and Date Display

The Citizen Watch Company always manages to pack in a large array of features so it comes as no surprise that the Calibre Collection offers so many features.

Favorite Calibre Models

For me personally, there are a few models that truly stand out as very unique and special watches. It turns out that price isn’t always everything, as the lower priced Citizen Calibre Watches some of the best looking in the entire collection. The basic white faced and the all black Calibre 8700 models priced at $375 appeal to a younger generation and would be the perfect watch to wear out to a bar or club.

The Citizen Calibre collections are also stylish enough to be worn at a more formal event. If flashy is what you are going for, look to the Calibre 8700 models prices at $725. These are some of the best looking watches Citizen has even made, the most notablettwo being the gold-coated stainless steel model with diamond accent and the the black on black model.

Final Thoughts on the Calibre Collection

If you are looking to get a watch that does not come off as a cheap knock off, but you can afford to purchase an expensive luxury watch, Citizen Calibre Watches are just what you are looking for. In a new era of more responsible consumers, these watches have truly set the bar for the rest of the industry. Citizen has developed a collection that puts emphasis on style and functionality while managing to keep the price down so the average consumer has the opportunity to own a great timepiece.

These watches are offered at most large retailers, but there are thousands of sites that offer very competitive pricing, usually at a discount to most retailers.

Find discounted Citizen watches

Happy hunting finding a good price on these beautiful watches, and remember to make sure you know who you are paying when you buy something online, there are a lot of crooks out there!


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