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Citizen Campanola

Updated on December 18, 2010

Citizen’s Campanola Collection is one of the most unique lines of watches ever crafted by the Japanese global giant. Citizen's Campanola watches offer the feel of a high-end collector’s timepiece, while delivering an incredible balance of innovative features and classic luxury.

While I find the vast majority of Citizen Watches to be sportier and more casual, Citizen bucked this trend in order to offer consumers a timepiece that embodies true luxury and style.

First Impression

When I first came across the Citizens’ Campanola collection I was astonished by the look and feel that radiates off these watches. At first glance, they look like a high-end timepiece you would find from Bulova or even Rolex. Plain and simply put, these watches just really don’t look like anything you would normally expect from Citizen.

After some reading and looking around, I came to find that the Campanola is the highest end watch offered by the company, and most are handmade and only available in Japan.


The first big question that comes to the mind of any avid enthusiast of luxury timepieces is of course, what type of movements drives the watch?  While Citizen has always been known to provide state of the art technology in their timepieces, it is necessary to note that the Campanola uses quartz based time keeping technology over the traditional mechanical movements usually expected from high-end luxury watches. When you notice the price tag of the Campanola watches, which is well over $1000 USD, the fact it uses quartz movements might be slightly alarming for those of you who cherish luxury watches and their precise mechanical movements. 

It’s may seem like a difficult compromise, as most collectors of prized handmade watches expect to have unique and accurate mechanical movements, but when it comes to the Campanola Collection this is one compromise worth making.  Citizen choose to use their quartz technology in their Campanola line because it allows them to provide such a vast array of features, and frankly it would be near impossible to integrate purely mechanical movements without having the watch retail for a much higher price.


When you are purchasing any Citizen watch, the real premium that you are buying is the heavy amount of features and technology that comes packaged together.  The Campanola is no different, and it really is impressive when you boil together everything included.  One note, it will take some time for you to become adjusted to every feature on a Citizen watch, so be patient, there are so many to learn!

For starters in terms of features, you are looking at a stainless steel design, with scratch less sapphire crystal.  The watch is water resistant to 30 meters, and will come in a variety of strap options ranging from steel to handmade alligator leather.

The Campanola has a full perpetual calendar, which is a really an attractive feature.   Basically your watch will keep perfect time and date even around odd time intervals such as Leap Year or daylight savings time.  Most models come with moonphase indication and a 12 hour chronograph, which are both more interesting vs. lifesaving features.  (Although many might argue against that with the chrono!)

Finally, there is an odd chiming function that comes built into the Campanola.  I find it particularly annoying, but it can be a selling point for some instead of a nuisance because of the story behind the chime.  The name Campanola comes from a small Italian town where, legend has it that, a small bell was rung throughout the day to indicate the time.  The watch line draws its’ name from this town which is quite possibly the origin of devices designed to indicate time. 

Image and Wear

Being one of the only handmade watches available from Citizen, the Campanola carries certain sophistication and zest that many of the other collections lack.  This collection may seem to be in competition with the brand equity that Citizen has gained for their eco-drive models with the recent “Unstoppable” ad campaigns featuring Eli Manning and others. 

With Citizen Campanola Watches, the company hopes to find a way to blend the appeal of style and luxury with the functionality offered by the centerpieces watches in their “Unstoppable” ad campaign.  So in the end, these watches are not competition to other lines offered by Citizen, but to every other luxury timepiece manufacturer in the world.  This is true because the Campanola line offers just as much style and luxury at a significant price discount when compared to these other luxury brands. 

As should be obvious if you have read this far, the style and feel of the Citizen Campanola is more formal so an owner of this watch should expect ditch the less casual situations, and start thinking more about matching this watch with formal wear so you can show it off in the appropriate formal setting.  

From a pure aesthetics standpoint I feel these watches are truly some of the most attractive to wear in a formal setting.  They look good while still not coming over the top by appealing to flashy.  Though at home in a more formal setting, this watch has enough style that it can still be worn out to a club, upscale restaurant or, trendy bar.  Trust me, in the end the Citizen Campanola Collection is stunning and the models in this line will compliment almost any piece in your wardrobe nicely.

Why you should buy one

In short the Campanola is on of the most unique collections that I have ever come across. As a new edition to the world of watch enthusiasts, one of the only things I really know is how to recognize style and I am truly impressed with what Citizen has done with style in the Campanola line of watches. They offer some of the most interesting design and stylistic features that I have even seen in a mid-to-high end luxury timepiece. Anyone looking for a beautiful watch at a fraction of the price of other luxury brands, any Citizen Campanola Watch is a perfect fit for you.


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