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Citizen Chronograph

Updated on December 18, 2010

Watches that utilize Citizen's storied chronographs are some of the highest performing and most amazing looking watches the company has ever crafted.Simply put, Citizen’s new models of chronographic watches are some of the finest timepieces the world has ever seen.

Chronograph, or Chrono for short, is a term used to describe timepieces that also feature the added benefit of a stopwatch. Aside from the functionality, Citizen Chronograph Watches also offers a surprising amount of style and luxury.

What is a Chronograph anyway?

Simply put, watches with chronographic functionality can both keep time and serve as a stopwatch at the same time.  This is a very useful function in a watch for a large number of individuals, for a wide variety of reasons.  From a youth league basketball coach to a diving enthusiast, the stopwatch incorporated into a Citizen Chronograph makes these Chronos the watch for you. 

This brilliant function is useful for sports enthusiast across the world, and it can be pretty fun even for those of us who don’t love sports.  Sometimes it’s just fun and useful to have with a stopwatch handy!  I used my Citizen Sport Chrono to clock my new car doing a mile on the freeway, it was slightly dangerous and way to much fun.   The benefits of owning a Citizen Chronograph just keep piling up.  

Diversity in Functionality

Base chronographs in most Citizen models usually measure time in intervals of one second, up to 60 minutes. That’s the base line, some of the models designed for professional use will measure in intervals as small as 1/100 of a second, for up to 24 hours. Citizen offers such a wide variety of differing levels of chronographic functionality they ensure that anyone looking for a Chronograph can find what they are looking for in one of the Citizen’s Chrono models.

Style and "Wearability"

One of the nice things about purchasing Citizen Chronograph watches is that they have stylistic appeal built right into every model.  This is true because by incorporating a chrono in a watch, you must add a series of smaller dials or faces, on the face of the watch.  This is eye-catching and stylish in it’s own right.  Watches with multiple dials automatically speak luxury and performance, and have the effect of always drawing attention to your wrist.

Having that said, Citizen Chronos are particularly stylish, and in my opinion they are the best watches this company has every crafted in terms of style and functionality combined.  They just look really amazing (especially when you see the low price tag!), and there is a wide enough variety in style across different models that you can find a chronograph that is suitable for almost any occasion.

Select Models

When you search Chronograph on the US version of, the search returns over 50 models.  This can make picking favorites difficult but not impossible, as there are a few models that look simply remarkable.  Some of my all time favorite Citizen Chronograph Watches are:

  • Blue Angels
  • Riva Chrono
  • Stainless Steel Chronograph with stanless steel band
  • Stainless Steel Chronograph with leather band
  • Military
  • Depthmeter Chronograph
  • Sport Chronograph (All Black is Amazing looking)

These models are truly the best of the best when it comes to Citizen Chronograph Watches, if your in the market for a Chrono, check these out, I promise you wont be disappointed. 

Chrono, Chrono, Chrono

If I haven’t convinced you yet, let me tell you again that Citizen Chronograph watches are the best of what this company has to offer. I usually put this line at the end of all my articles, and for very good reason! Please look online for one of these beautiful watches before you dream of paying full price for a Citizen Chrono in a retail outlet. There will always be significant discounts on these watches online, just make sure you take extra care to purchase from a reputable site.


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