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Citizen Divers Watch

Updated on December 18, 2010

Citizen has been crafting magnificent divers’ watches for years and their extensive experience in manufacturing diving timepieces really shows in some of the more recent collections.  With extensive functionality for any water-sports enthusiast, Citizen has placed particular emphasis on satisfying both the needs of casual and professional divers throughout the world. 

The Citizen Promaster Sea Collection

For years Citizen has crafted some of the most functional and accurate watches the world has ever seen. Used by a variety of professional users and individuals whose hobbies demand a high performance wristwatch, the Promaster line of watches has cemented itself as a centerpiece in the collections offered by Citizen.

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The Promaster Sea collection is no exception to this rule, as these watches offer water sport enthusiasts extensive functionality at extremely competitive prices when compared to other watch manufactures. The majority of models in the

Promaster Sea collections are specifically designed to suite the needs of diving enthusiasts.

Differing Levels of Water Resistance

A wide range of water resistance across models is a perks associated with choosing a Citizen Divers Watch.  The most basic level of water resistance offered in the vast majority of newer Citizen models is 100M (333ft).  The next level up ,200M(666ft) is offered on most higher end Citizen models.  The 300 M water resistance level is standard issue on all Citizen Divers Watches.   For the more serious diver, Citizen offers the 1,000M Professional Diver Model.

Tons of fun and useful features

Citizen offers a large variety of diver models, with different levels of functions and features.  As you can expect, you pay for what you get.   Depending upon the options you choose you can purchase a basic model for $150, or go all the way to the top and dish out $1,750 for the 1,000M Professional Diver.

Some of the more notable features offered by Citizen Divers Watches are:

  • Screw Down Crown
  • All Stainless Steel
  • Eco-Drive Tech
  • 300M (999ft) Water Resistance
  • Non-Reflective Curved Crystal Glass
  • Dual Time
  • Current Depth Display
  • Diving Long Capability
  • Calendar
  • Alarm
  • Water Temperature Display
  • Log Max Depth and Dive Duration

This list goes on.  There are such a large variety of models that it’s easy for anyone to find the perfect fit in a Citizen Divers Watch.

Notable Divers Models

The by and far favorite and most amazing looking Citizen Divers Watch is the Super Aqualand.  This watch competes against any other model for the title of the best-looking Citizen watch on the market.  The black band and crown of the Super Aqualand are accented by dark blue and silver face that just makes the watch jump off on your wrist. 

This watch will turn heads and draw attention, believe me it is that sharp.  Aside from the fact this watch looks great, it is also on of the best divers models offered by Citizen.  The basic Professional Diver, the Aqualand Eco-Drive, and the 1,000M Professional Diver are also notable models. 

Don't Pay Full Price!

Ok, imaging $125 cash in your hand. Thinking of it yet? Good, now picture yourself taking out a lighter and burning that cash! That’s what you are doing to yourself if you pay full retail price on any citizen divers watch. These watches are always offered online at significant discounts to comparing retail outlets. So take the time to look around online if you are interested in purchasing a citizen divers watch for any occasion.


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