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Citizen Eco Drive Watches

Updated on December 18, 2010

Citizen Eco Drive watches incorporate one of the world's most widely recognized green technologies technologies by using a small solar cell to power the movements of the watch.  This technology truly makes Citizen Eco Drives the epitome of modern, sporty, accurate, and environmentally friendly wristwatches. Citizen's Eco Drive models are the overall perfect choice for anyone in the market for a high quality, stylish, and functional watch. Due to the Eco Drives' extensive features and very competitive pricing, this is one purchase that anyone will continue to enjoy and benefit from for years to come.

Solar Powered and Eco Friendly

So you might be asking yourself, how does the Eco Drive watch work and why is everyone making such a big deal about this technology?

The answer is that the Eco Drive technology is both innovative and completely renewable.The process is pretty simple, as it relies primarily on solar power to run and quartz powered movement. The crystal and dial of the watch absorb both natural sun light and light emitted from artificial sources, and then convert the solar energy into power to drive the movements of the watch.  Citizens' highly efficient quartz movements allows for the watch to be powered with a lower energy charge while still maintaining perfect accuracy in timekeeping.

The most obvious benefit of this technology is that there is never any need to recharge or replace your battery. This makes Citizens' Eco Drive watches some of the most environmentally friendly watches on the market. With the emerging green economy, it makes a lot of sense for everyone to wear watches featuring Eco Drive technology because small increases in energy efficiencies can lead to large savings when they are widely adopted throughout the world.

Note, there are several special edition Eco Drive watches that are not 100 percent solar reliant. These include the Eco Drive Duo series and the Eco Drive Therm. These rely on either supplementary power sources, or in the case of the Thermo, exploiting the heat energy of the air.

A little background on the Eco Drive

Citizen has leveraged its’ reputation to create watches are some of the most recognized throughout the globe. Based in Japan, the Citizen Holdings Company was incorporated in 1924, although the true roots of the Citizen Watch Company began in 1918 with the foundation of the Shokosha Watch Research Institute. It is from this institute where Citizen built the foundation for a global corporation that would go on to invent this amazing Eco Drive Technology. Citizen offers customers reasonably priced and high quality timepieces for a variety of occasions, with a core focus on sporty and modern watch styles.

The Citizen Eco Drive was first introduced in 1995 and has quickly become one of the top selling watch models in the world. Today Citizen has numerous lines featuring Eco Drive technology that offers environmentally friendly timekeeping with a variety of other useful features for the everyday consumer.

Style and Appeal

There is a large selection of different lines and models featuring Eco Drive tech, each of which offer a subtle style difference that allows almost anyone looking for a watch to find one with the eco drive function. I personally opt for one of Citizens' more modern multi-faceted chronographic watches, as I find the look offered by multiple small dials on a watch gives a sportier, stylish, and more professional look on your wrist at a very competitive price.

Some of my personal favorite Eco Drives for men are the:

  • Eco-Drive Military
  • Eco-Drive Nightawk
  • Chrono-Time AT
  • All Black Calibre 8700
  • Stiletto
  • Sport Chronograph

Some of my personal favorite women's Eco Drives are;

  • Silhouette Bangle with black face and diamond accent
  • Eco-Drive Professional Diver
  • Ladies' Strap
  • Normandine
  • Palidon with gold and diamond accents
  • Silhouette with mother of pearl and diamond accents

Features of the Eco Drive

Citizen watches are some of the finest in the world, due in part to their classic and contemporary design, premium craftsmanship, high efficiency. Citizen Watches are always at the forefront of the watch industry in terms of both technology, functionality, and number of models offered.

The vast majority of Eco Drive models come with an alarm feature, dual time keeping, perpetual calendar, and chronographic functionality. There is no need to even mention battery life when talking about Eco Drive watches because the most recent models don't even need a battery. These watches also offer a wide range of water resistance levels so anyone from the average everyday user of a wristwatch, to a professional diver can enjoy this amazing technology. I don’t personally dive, but I can take this thing to the pool all day long and never have a single worry.

One of the most interesting features of these watches is the perpetual calendar function. With this feature, your watch will automatically adjust both the date and time, taking into consideration any odd time intervals that occur throughout the year. Watch owners used to have the need to adjust their watches time based on events like daylight savings, odd months, and leap years.  The perpetual calendar feature, included in most Citizen Eco Drive models, enables these watches to automatically track and adjust all of this for you.

This means confidence in knowing that when you glance down at your wrist you have will have a 100 percent accurate measure of time the whole year without ever having to touch your watch except to put it on and off your wrist.

Eco Drive Buying Guide

The good news is that Citizen Eco Drive watches can be found almost anywhere, and you can get really good price discounts depending on the time of year you purchase.

First of all, in terms of price, you can expect to pay anywhere between $100 USD all the way up to $500 USD for your Eco Drive.

I personally find that the early spring seems to be the time of year when retailers and online watch brokers feature the best watch deals you can find anywhere. For whatever reason it seems like that most major watch brands offer new product lines around this time, and you can get most styles of the previous years’ models at a generous discount.

In terms of where to look, I would absolutely recommend looking online. You will find the best prices and the highest selection by far. You can go into a store like Macy’s or JcPenny and end up paying nearly double the price of what you would find a Citizen Eco Drive online. The only caveat I will offer – avoid sites like EBay and Craigslist as you never really know what you are purchasing, and the likelihood of being scammed is much higher.

Happy shopping, and I trust you will enjoy your Eco Drive once you finally do purchase one.


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