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A Review of New Citizen Men's Watches

Updated on February 23, 2011

The worlds largest watch manufacture has raised the bar when it comes to their newest line of watches for men. The current Citizen Men's collections are some of the most amazing timepieces on the planet. The best part about these watches is the price, as you can find hundreds of models that are better looking and much cheaper than the competition.

Citizen Men's Watches - Raising the Bar

Anyone looking for a watch should look no further than the current models of Citizen Men's watches. For the money, there is not a better deal on the planet. The amount of style and the feel of luxury you get for the price, makes these watches a must buy.

Those of you looking for some advice on finding a good Citizen Mens watch, look no further. I have carefully chosen my favorite new men's models, and believe me these are the best one of the best accessories purchases any man can make.

The best Citizen watches for Men

Citizen has transformed their image with their newest lines of dress watches for gents. The feel of pure luxury you get for the price can’t be matched anywhere, by anyone. I really enjoy most models, as there are not many bad looking Citizen mens' watches, but a few of my favorites are:

  • Stiletto, black face, dial, and strap
  • Sport Chronograph, with brown face and brown leather strap
  • Chronograph, stainless steel with black or brown face
  • Perpetual Calendar, with brown leather strap
  • Largo, black face with black leather strap

Sporty Collections

Over 90 years of watch making experience have lead to some of the most accurate and high performance sport wristwatches the world has ever seen. A few Citizen men's sport models that stand out are:

  • World Perpetual A-T
  • Chrono-Time A-t
  • Skyhawk A-T
  • Sport Chronograph
  • Promaster SST

My personal favorites

All of the watches mentioned above are the finest Citizen men's on the market. The five watches mentioned below are by and far my favorite models Citizen has ever crafted;

  • Blue Angels Skyhawk
  • Depth Meter Chronograph
  • Limited Edition World Perpetual A-T
  • Chrono Time A-T
  • Calibre 8700

Best watch for the price

In the end, Citizen has proven time and time again that they deserve the right to be called the greatest watchmaker in the world. The current line of citizen men's watches showcases this fact. When purchasing this for yourself or as a gift, make sure you check out deals online before you pay full retail price in a store. There are many site out there where you can find any of these wonderful Citizen men's watches.


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