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Citizen Men's and Women's Watches: Eco-Drive Technology

Updated on January 9, 2015

Citizen Technology

Nearly all new watches Citizen offers today contain Eco-Drive movement mechanism. The Eco-Drive is the pinnacle of the company's technological achievements, one that puts it next to other known innovative and original watchmakers and distinguishes Citizen as a real contributor to the industry.

The most inspiring part of the Eco-Drive has actually little to do with its complex technological and mechanical workings: it's the universal affordability of Citizen watches, which allows people to enjoy this technological novelty in an almost democratic way. The Eco-Drive uses a free resource, and combined with an affordable price it becomes an every man's and women's watch, both in body and spirit.

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Men's | Eco-Drive | Canvas StrapMen's | Skyhawk | Titanium | ChronographMen's | Titanium | Perpetual Calendar Men's | Gold-Tone | Leather StrapMen's | Nighthawk | Stainless Steel
Men's | Eco-Drive | Canvas Strap
Men's | Eco-Drive | Canvas Strap
Men's | Skyhawk | Titanium | Chronograph
Men's | Skyhawk | Titanium | Chronograph
Men's | Titanium | Perpetual Calendar
Men's | Titanium | Perpetual Calendar
Men's | Gold-Tone | Leather Strap
Men's | Gold-Tone | Leather Strap
Men's | Nighthawk | Stainless Steel
Men's | Nighthawk | Stainless Steel


Eco-Drive watches contain several solar cells that absorb light from outside sources and transform it into energy. The energy goes into an inner battery that in turn powers the watch; in other words, the solar cells comprise the turbines of a miniature power station inside the watch.

An even more advanced variation, called the Eco-Drive Thermo, uses temperature differences (between the wearer's wrist and the ambiance) as a source of energy. A full charge should be enough for up to five years.

When in shortage of light or temperature difference, the watch has a sophisticated mechanism for conserving energy: first, the seconds-hand will jump every two seconds, and last the hands will stop moving altogether while the watch will continue to keep track of time. When light is available again, the hands will move to the correct position.

Natural Watch

Since Citizen Eco-Drive don't need disposable batteries and don't pollute the environment, they are ecological watches. But there's more to the Eco-Drive than that: by exploiting other sources of light, natural or artificial, it creates a symbiotic relationship with nature and with people.

It uses solar energy and lamps that use coal energy -- power that would otherwise diffuse in the atmosphere without any use at all. The Eco-Drive embodies the ultimate win-win concept.


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