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Citizen Moon Phase Watch

Updated on February 2, 2011

As you can expect from the name, a Citizen Moon Phase watch accurately tracks the various phases of the moon’s cycle as it orbits earth and displays it right on your wrist!   The best thing about any Citizen Moon Phase watch is the unbelievable amount of style and sophistication the design of these watches offers to the wearer.   

The Citizen Watch Co. has created a variety of models under the Moon Phase Line, so let us explore some of the highlights of these collections.

Select Moon Phase Models; The Flyback Chrono

Over the years a variety of Citizen Moon Phase models have been released but nothing compares to the Moon Phase Flyback Chronograph in the new Signature Collection. Citizen has not historically been considered a luxury watchmaker, but the Signature Collection takes luxury to a new level. Citizen has proven with the Signature Collection that they can craft a true luxury timepiece and offer it for a very reasonable pricee.

The Citizen Moon Phase Flyback Chrono is one of the few hand-assembled models offered by Citizen. This Chrono is one of the most unique watches in Citizens’ exclusive Signature Collection of luxury eco-drive watches. The Citizen Watch Company has been manufacturing watches for over 90 years, and every year they have gotten better. The Citizen Moon Phase Flyback Chrono is a stunning one-of-a- kind watch with serious style and premier craftsmanship.

The feel of style and luxury on your wrist is not something that can be easily mimicked or faked. When you wear a truly great luxury watch with the right outfit you always feel a little sharper and more confident in yourself, man or woman. The Citizen Moon Phase in the new Signature collection is the type of watch that produces this effect.

The Moon Phase Flyback Chrono is larger that most Citizen models, as are all watches in the Signature Collection. Each watch features anti-reflective sapphire glass, 1/5 second chronograph, tachymeter, and water resistance up to 100M (300ft). The centerpiece of this watch is the moon phase display. Citizen actually makes the display show a moon orbiting around a wire frame of the earth as it goes through it's different phases throughout each month. This unique design and offsetting color tones make the Citizen Moon Phase Flyback Chrono a top choice for anyone in the market for a luxury watch.

Other Notable Moon Phase Models

Other than the above-mentioned Signature Moon Phase Flyback Chrono, Citizen has crafted a few other notable Moon Phase models that are worth mentioning. A few amazingly stylish Citizen Moon Phase models are;

  • Citizen Eco Drive AP1001-19E Moon Phase
  • Citizen Eco-Drive AP1040-50E Moon Phase
  • Citizen Eco Drive AP1010-51A Calibre Stainless Steel Moon Phase with White Dial
  • Citizen Eco Drive AP1001-19E Moon Phase
  • Citizen Eco-Drive AP1031-18E Moon Phase Semi-Perpetual Calendar
Aside from the above models, there are a many different Moon Phase models that have been crafted by Citizen over the years.  Due to the fact that most of these watches are no longer made, you have to do some searching around online to find these watches.  It's worth it, my brother had an amazing Moon Phase watch that I loved so much, I borrowed it often and he didn't always know it was gone!

Unique look and craftsmanship

Each and every Moon Phase model is part of a very unique collection of Citizen Watches.  The Citizen Watch Co. offers tons of amazing watches but few can compete with the unique style and functionality of a Moon Phase.  Most models incorporate small stars and a small crescent moon on the face and hands of the watch.   Featuring a combination of colors for the dial, face, and strap, each Moon Phase model seems to be a perfect blend of design and color.  

These watches can sometime be hard to find in your regular retail outlet such as JcPenny or Macy’s. These are some of the most unique watches offered by Citizen, so your best bet is to look at one of the many online outlets if you are interested in purchasing a Moon Phase watch.  If you're looking for a great watch and you don't want to spend a ton of money, Citizen has your answer.  Even though you won't pay a lot, any Citizen Moon Phase watch will turn heads and have everyone asking about what you have on your wrist.  These watches speak true luxury and class. 


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      Eric Saville 7 years ago from London, England

      Thanks for the comment, keep up the good writing!

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      jill of alltrades 7 years ago from Philippines

      Cool watch!

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