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Citizen Navihawk

Updated on December 18, 2010

A classic tribute to aviators around the world, the Citizen Navihawk is prized as both a utility and a striking fashion piece. One of the earlier versions in the modern and popular Promaster collection, the Navihawk was a remarkable achievement from Citizen watches as it could tell time in 30 cities around the world.

Remember folks, we are talking about over 15 years ago that they made this watch, and that is pretty incredible feat in timekeeping.


The Navihawk comes equipped with just about every feature you could possible imagine. In all seriousness that is why you buy a watch like the Navihawk, precision and accuracy in time measurement.

As mentioned your Navihawk will display time metrics from 30 cities with the push of a button.  The watch hands will actually move temporarily as your activate this feature, which is a nice touch that I have always impressed me.

Most models are chronographs, with the ability to keep track of a trip ranging from 24 hours down to 1 hundredth of a second. You have 3 alarms, a 60 second timer and 100 meters of water resistance, which today are classic trademarks of the ever so handy Citizen watch. 

It can take some time to master these different features, but I can assure you someday you will be referencing your timepiece for just about everything.  When it comes down to it, this watch is just plain fun once you get over the hurdle of learning your way around this watch.  In fact, I even find myself timing the wait staff at a restaurant with my chrono just for kicks – you would be amazed how long you can wait without really noticing how much time passed.

Since this watch was prior to the Eco Drive technology, it does have a battery that needs replacing every couple of years.  The benefit to this is that you will find the price fairly reasonable as compared to some of the other more modern Promaster watches.

About Citizen Watches

Citizen watches are recognized around the world.  Based in Japan, the Citizen Holdings Company was founded officially in 1924.  Citizen offers customer’s quality watches for a variety of occasions, with a core focus on sporty, modern watch styles and bringing customers the most cutting edge technology for a very competitive price.  Recently Citizen has truly stepped up their game, moving away from simple watch models and moving towards offering some of the best looking watches in the world. 

Tips if your considering a purchase

The Navihawk is very reasonably priced, and I often recommend these models to customers with a low budget that are drooling for all the features. If you are a numbers guy, you will love this kind of watch, and the Navihawk will usually range somewhere between two to four hundred dollars.

In terms of where to look, I can say enough about the benefits of taking the time to search for this watch online. You will find the best prices and the highest selection by far. You can go into a store like Macy’s and end up paying nearly double the price of what you will find for a Skyhawk watch online. The only caveat I will offer – avoid sites like EBay and Craigslist as you never really know what you are purchasing, and the likelihood of being scammed is much higher.

Most of the reputable websites out there will have a nice exchange policy, so you can make sure your purchase is worth every cent.


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