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Citizen Perpetual Calendar Watches

Updated on December 18, 2010

With a tradition of advanced technology in their watch collections, the perpetual calendar feature from Citizen provides another differentiation point for consumers at a price that is almost unbeatable in the market.  In the simplest sense, your Perpetual Calendar watch from Citizen will always display the exact right time, no matter what odd time event might occur.

How it works

Your perpetual calendar watch from Citizen will automatically adjust the date and time in exact accordance with specific time intervals. This is done retroactively, and results in your watch always displaying the correct time. While watch owners used to have the need for adjusting time based on these events like daylight savings and leap years – the perpetual calendar feature from Citizen will automatically track this for you.

This means less time wondering if your watch is accurate, and more confidence in knowing every time you glance at your wrist you have a 100 percent accurate measure of time.

Citizen Eco Drive Perpetual Calendar Watches

The most popular perpetual calendar watches from Citizen are the Eco Drive models. Another innovative technology from Citizen, Eco Drive watches are completely solar powered. They also have a sleek and modern design, which makes them an appealing choice for consumers. The brand insignia offered on these collections is immediately recognizable, and carries a certain environmentally friendly quality that gives wearers an added bonus.

There is some nice high end perpetual calendar Eco Drive watches featured on the Citizen website, retailing around $1100 USD. The black and gold complements the steady instrumentation of the watch and strikes a really nice balance on the watch. Those set with diamonds in the dial are especially extravagant, and will offer a more formal choice for shoppers looking to entertain a more sophisticated audience.

Titanium Perpetual Calendar Watches

The titanium perpetual calendar watches, by contrast to the Eco Drive, are a little more affordable and carry a rugged and sophisticated sense of style.  Being a light and strong metal, the titanium perpetual calendar watches are strong and durable for the active watch owner.  Almost all Citizen Watches are water proof, and the titanium perpetual calendar watches can go almost 100 meters below sea level.

I actually own a titanium perpetual from Citizen, and it is one of my favorite traveling watches.  I always have accurate time, and it just stands up to the wear and tear of the road. 

One finally feature I will mention that came with mine (not available on all models) is the push button release for the bracelet.  I often change between black and silver looks, and this makes the transition seamless.  A nice bonus if you’re a fashion buff like myself.

Why you should buy one...

For anyone who is actively on the road, the Perpetual Calendar watches from Citizen are a must have. Just having the peace of mind in knowing you have completely accurate time is reason enough in itself. Tack on the additional features you get from your Citizen, and you have yourself a nicely packaged wrist watch.

All together you can expect to spend a moderate amount for a perpetual, although some deals online are as cheap as a couple hundred bucks. By the way, you will ALWAYS find the best deals online, so that is probably the best place to start looking once you are ready.

Happy shopping.


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