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Citizen Promaster Watches

Updated on December 18, 2010

Out of the hundreds of watches manufactured by the world’s largest watchmaker, Citizen Promaster Watches are some of the finest the company has ever made.  With specific emphasis on functionality that can service a variety of sports and professions, these watches are a perfect fit for anyone seeking an accurate and high performance timepiece.

About the Citizen Promaster Series

The Citizen Watch Company has dedicated a considerable amount of their watch making skill into the crafting of high performance watches for sport and professional users alike. The company itself was founded back in 1924 in Japan, and has grown into one of the largest makers of watches in the world.

To me, the result of years of design and technological innovation has culminated in the current line of Citizen Promaster Watches.

The Promaster Series is separated into three distinct categories: Promaster Land, Promaster Sea, and Promaster Air. Across all categories, Citizen has managed to merge style and extensive functionality with modern timekeeping technology to create a truly unique and extensive line of watches for athletes, coaches, professionals, and aviators alike.

Special Features Unique to the Promaster Line of Citizen Watches

One of the benefits of choosing to purchase a watch with electronic timekeeping technology, over a watch more traditional mechanical, movements is the extensive number of features that can be built into electronic watches. Citizen Promaster Watches are no exception as they have a significant number of features unique to the line that meet a number of time-measurement needs.

Watches in the Promaster Series usually come with varying forms of the following features:

  • Chronograph Function varying from 60 minutes to 24 hour memory
  • Water Resistance varying from 200m to over 666m
  • 12hr / 24hr time display option
  • World times for multiple cities
  • Alarm
  • Countdown Timer
  • Calendar
  • LED backlight

In addition to the above, Citizen Promaster Watches have a variety of features specifically tailored to the user based on functionality. The diving depth indicator, max diving memory function, dive time and ISO diving certifications are a few of examples of the additional features offered in the Promaster Sea Collection.

You also get some special bonus features such as Fastest, average, and slowest lap times, 20-lap memory, and speed calculations. All of these are completely unique to the Promaster Watch series.

One additional note of interest, the Promaster Air Collection offers the truly unique function of radio-controlled timekeeping. The watch keeps time by receiving standard time radio waves in Japan, U.S., Germany, and China. The Air Collection also offers an Aviation Slide Rule operated by the crown set at the 8 o’clock position.

Style Notes

Overall the Promaster Series maintains a clean and professional look across all styles. Some of the basic stylistic features that are consistent across most Promaster models are a screw back case, stainless steel iron plating, and non-reflective crystal face accompanied by a variety of clasp mechanisms depending upon the model.

A general rule of thumb with watches is that you will have a trade-off between style and functionality. Citizen has managed to find a balance between these two competing forces in their Promaster line as the majority of the styles manage to look really good on your wrist while maintaining processional functionality. One of the exceptions to this is obviously some of Citizen’s diving watches - but let’s face it you don’t really want to get caught wearing most diving watches anywhere but in the water.

The Promaster Air Collection has by far the most style of any of the watches in the Promaster Series, so it comes as no surprise that these are among the most expensive in the collection. Citizen offers a few watches that are particularly stylistic, which include the all black special edition Promaster SST, the Promaster Radio Controlled, and the Promaster Nighthawk.

Why you should buy a Citizen Promaster

No matter what specific timekeeping need you have, I can guarantee you that you can find what you’re looking for in a Promaster. As most of the world knows these days, retail stores have huge mark-ups on all products, but especially on watches.

So do yourself a huge favor and look around at one of the many outlets online before you go out and pay full price for one of these wonderful timepieces. I promise the lower price will be worth the extra work and Citizen Promaster Watches are well worth the wait.


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